Big Girls Dont Cry…

What a lie!!


We do cry…We cry when we are down to our last hot wing…We cry when we get to a buffet and you can see the bottom of the tray before you have even started…we cry when your buy a cake and it squishes in your bag (still eating it same way)…we cry when….

OKOK in all seriousness, we have feelings too.

I hate that people think because you are “confident” you dont have feelings or they feel the need to press onto you their perception of beauty! Now, please understand I am in no way condoning being unhealthy but people must see that not always does “fat” or “big” = unhealthy! I have very slim/skinny friends who are so unfit and have a horrific diet and then have some “big” girlfriends who are running marathons!!!!!

I once saw one of those pics that get shared on facebook that said “sweat is the fat crying” I thought no it aint! When I am working out its me crying because my back hurts, my tits ache and my knees feel like they are about to give way! I have sweated more eating the extra hot sauce in nandos.

I once got a suggestion on facebook about pages I might like and me being me read “fit girls” as “fat girls”. Needless to say I didnt understand why all these skinny ripped b!tches were popping up all over my newsfeed until I realised the error of my ways! I was hoping for a page about chocolate cake, amazing calorific receipies and quotes telling me “bigger was better”! instead I got “eating clean”, posts about lifting and pictures of bikini models who probably weighed the same as my right tit. FAIL. Was it the universe trying to tell me something? Probably. But I quickly deleted the page and all was right with my world again!


I understand we all have different ideas of beauty some like thin, some like thick, some just dont care! I secretly wish all the men in the world were like the ones on the documentries who like watching women eat KFC, where is this man in my life? Do they really exsist? If they do…..hollaaaaaaaaa!

Needless to say ladies (and gents) we are all beautiiful. (Some more than others hahahahaha) BUT Be healthy, be happy and enjoy and embrace what you have!


The Fat Funny One x

P.S Have your cake AND eat it too x




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