Things I cant stand….

Ok…so this is quite a broad subject and I just want to touch on it because I like to think I am not the only one who feels this way! And if I am….shammmeeeeeee!

Dont mean to start my Blog on such a negative note and please understand this wont be the theme of all my posts, just thought I would pop some things up that I think are relateable! (At least what I think is relateable) lol

Have fun reading and let me know if these bother you too!

1. Girls who are naturally thin (aka skinny B!tches)

B!tch! Step away from meeeeee! I cant stand these girls, they are ALWAYS the first to say they have gained a bit of weight OR need to loose some or are having a “fat day” OHHHHH PLEASEEEEE! Go eat a hot wing…(or 20) and come back to me please. They are the crop top wearing gym goers who make you want to trip them up on the treadmill! There you are with your jiggle…just jiggling away, red faced, cant breathe and you have only walked up the stairs from the reception to the gym doors…and there they are….running away, no sweat, hair in tact, face of perfection, nothing jiggling or moving…aghhhhhhh! GET OUT! LOL

Someone once told me I was a “hater” and they were 100% right! I am hating lol I am insanley jealous that I cant get on the spinning bike let alone complete the class, the the only “single single double” I know is ordering my drinks at the bar and the music in a zumba class makes me want nandos! But hey…


2. “The Office”…

Anyone who works in an office will know its the place full of fake smiles, temporary friendships and so much drama Jeremy Kyle would have a field day! Sometimes when people are speaking I feel the urge to shout “THE LIE DETECTOR DETERMINED THAT WAS A LIE”….Havent so far. Still employed.


3. Couples on FB.

The couples who clearly do not have each others contact details AT ALL so are unable to RING or TEXT or EMAIL or even TELL THEM TO THEIR FACE how much they love them so they have to FB IT!!!!!!!!! Oh sweet lord, the pain this brings to me. More so when you know hes cheating on her and they hate each other! But go ahead…post on your lovers wall about how much you love them while they are upstairs playing playstation and messaging your friend and your downstairs watching tele taking sexy selfies for likes!


4. Indirect status’/Attention seeking on FB….

You know exactly what I am talking about!

 STATUS = “Feeling so low at the moment”…..comment = “Oh sweetie whats up” ….reply =…”Nothing babe, will inbox you cant say it on here”

THEN WHY THE RASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS DID YOU POST IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? oh those people….really? REALLY? The drama was probably you missed eastenders, microwave meal burnt and the dude you like didnt reply to your message after 3 minutes! Get a grip. PLEASE.


I think thats my top 4! I hope I am not the only one who has these pet hates!…Let me know if it is just me or if you feel my pain…and the struggle…


Thanks for Stopping By

P.S Have your cake AND eat it too x 




6 thoughts on “Things I cant stand….

  1. Im with u jess on the fb statuses… either put all the gorey details so i can mind yr business or shut the hell up and get a diary!

  2. Haha o this is so brilliant I’ve been cracking up reading this but its so true about the attention seeking facebookers and the skinny chicks at the gym! I really can’t wait to read more ! Well done hun xxx

  3. Omg hun this is just too funny. I’m reading it and I’m like Yessssssssss!!!! Yessssssssss!!! Hahaha so true. I hate all the same things. Keep it up hun I could read your stuff all day Looool x x

  4. Omg Jess. Most of these could of been about just one person I know lol. She’s the reason I left fb

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