Its been a little while but I am back!

Sorry for those who were waiting for a new post but I have been a little manic..(more maniac that manic but manic all the same)

I have reflected on my blog a little more and after getting some feedback I have decided I will open up to you all letting you know more about me, dont worry, no doubt the trails and tribluations of being me will still be funny!! Hopefully you can relate to what you read and you will take comfort in knowing you that you are not the only person who wonders if they actually have serious issues..also reading about me might make you feel a little bit better about yourself!

I am going to cover the next few topics and if you have any more you would like me to look at please do request them and pop me a message or comment below! I can however only really talk about how these things effect me and hope you can see yourself in these situations and they help you!



* The dangers of being an independent woman

*Getting my sexy back

*The mummy life

* I am not HALF of anything!

I have loads more coming your way so please do bare with me ! Posts will now will be coming thick and fast and I aim to post a MINIMUM of once a week!


Thanks again for the follow and please do follow me on IG – Jessbec  (I joined yesterday…filters….OMG amazeballs)

Thanks for stopping by

P.S…Have your cake and eat it too…(after your finished the first one!)




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