What’s love got to do with it?

What is love?

Now I am not talking love between a parent and child or family members& friends , I am talking between two separate people.

I believe there are many different feelings that can be mistaken for love or are they love and you just don’t know it. Can you define it? How do you know if you are in love with someone or you simply have a bit of a crush? Can it be love if the feelings are not reciprocated or does that simply just mean its merely lust?

So many questions that not many have the answer too and if they do they are different. Everyone defines love differently! I can openly say I don’t know! You think your in love with someone and then the relationship breaks down and you meet someone else and then think..OHHH this is what love it and the process repeats itself.


The dictionary definition is:

A strong feeling of affection. Intense feelings of fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachments, endearment. A great interest or pleasure in something, liking, a weakness.


I read stories about people who are in love with more than one person! I see people who judge others people they haven’t known each other long! But love has no time scale, how soon is too soon or how long will it be before someone realises? I was having a conversation today with a friend about someone and they teased me about “loving him” and that inspired me to write this now because I asked “how do you even know when you love someone” and they simply answered “I don’t know”. Despite a dictionary definition everyone will have a different experience, perception and idea of what love is.

I asked a few others and no one seems to know or gave me a vague idea of what the “think” it is. So if we are all walking around not knowing what love is or if we love,  then what are we all doing?

Some say they are scared to love, Paloma Faith recently sung “only love can hurt like this”. For something so wonderful it can sometimes be painted so negatively. Does it make us afraid to love, to be open to be vulnerable? Reading every word in the definition made me feel warm, happy, content so why am I so scared of it? Why is something so beautiful so hard?


Some say people are quick to love but is that a bad thing? As cliché and as corny as it sounds we don’t have enough love and that’s why we live in such a hate filled, jealous and bitter world.

Disney painted this beautiful picture of love and relationships to all of us growing up but none of them came easy! Cinderella had to loose a shoe, Snow white had to live with seven men (still trying to work out if she was lucky or not), Rapunzal had to escape from a castle and get some new weave, Sleeping beauty couldn’t even finish her nap, Aladdin got thrown into jail and poor Pocahontas had to wait till one of the last people on the planet…aint nobody got time for that! Other modern movies do the same predictable story line where they all live “happily ever after” (Unless your Romeo and Juliet) and time after time we sit there thinking “yea right” but why is that? Why cant we all have our own happily ever after? We determine our future, our destiny our lives so why if we want it cant we have it.

We live in a world now where people are so unsure about how they feel they cant be honest with themselves! People say they haven’t got “time” but its one of the only things we do have and it isn’t always on our side. Everyone has an excuse, I am career focused, busy, been hurt before, don’t believe in love! The list is endless but someone once said to me “its not about the issue, its about how you deal with it”. We can allow ourselves to run away from love or pretend we don’t or we can embrace it, enjoy it and work for it.

I am no guru! I don’t know what love is but I know how I feel about someone who has no idea. I know that there isn’t a day I don’t think about him or hope he is ok. I know I get frustrated easily with him and cant help but be effected by him. I know I wish him more success sometimes than I do myself. I know I want to sometimes just be in the same room as him and it doesn’t matter in what capacity but just so I can be near. I know that he makes me feel challenged, safe, excited! Makes me laugh, smile, cry. Now either I am a crazy stalker, a love sick puppy or just a fool but it doesn’t matter. This could all be a silly crush!  Who knows? I certainly don’t and I am too scared to do anything about it!

My advice to you all, take a chance on love. Love whole heartedly with no fear. Don’t loose out because your head is telling you too! Your heart knows what it wants! Your head can adjust but your heart never will!

So if we cant define love and I don’t know what it is, What’s love got to do with it?

Thanks for stopping by x

The fat funny one x


P.S. No one ever takes their own advice.


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