Let it go….let it go…..

I recently posted the following FB Status “No matter how much you try and believe someone to be genuine if they are not, you will know deep down. Don’t fall into the mind trap of trying to understand them or their situation! Simply walk away with the understanding that this one was nothing more than a lesson”.

I must admit, since writing my blogs they have taken a different turn to where I thought they would lead me. I have always been the funny one but it seems I have become the oh wise one! But little do people know I can give all this wonderful advice but I am awful at taking it myself! However I have recently really tried to practise what I preach so I can reap the benefits of what I sow.

The above status was inspired by a friend who recently went a little crazy at me (all out of love) but she was frustrated with how I was feeling about myself and how I was being treated. She explained I am just too nice, too generous and quite frankly a little bit of a mug! (Please note she wasn’t so polite but I am trying to keep it PG here). It made me reflect on me and wonder why do we keep people around when we know the situation deep down?

We all have people in our lives that we know are not 100%. We question their motives, actions and sometimes even the reason they are in our lives in the first place but we can’t seem to get rid! When they do something we try and justify it, understand from their point of view, someone else’s point of view, your nans point of view! ANYONE’s point of view, just so we can understand the situation at hand. We would rather beat ourselves up trying to make believe that this person means well rather than admit defeat and say you know what…Time to move on.

This can be a colleague, friend, boyfriend, lover or even a family member. Its easier to believe the beautiful lies we create in our head that this person means well than just accept the truth; they are no good for you.

I am trying hard to surround myself with people who have my best interests at heart, who are not around me for their own gain or feelings of self worth. I am blessed to have such amazing family and friends but there are always a few who creep in!

People will only take advantage of you if you let them and I am guilty of this time and time again! I never seem to learn my lesson and rather than make a mistake once and learn; I have to make it 5, 10 or 20 times just to make sure!! Give yourself and your time to those who are honest, true and genuine. If someone is taking from you then they don’t deserve you! You shouldn’t have to take what is rightfully yours!

Cutting people off is easier said than done and I really struggle with this! Even now sitting here I am thinking “but…and…what if” NOOO! If you are discussing a situation with a friend and have to justify someone’s actions, defend them or even not tell your friend what’s happened or happening then it shouldn’t be in the first place!

I am learning that as beautiful as the world is we don’t all (unfortunately) have the same morals, understandings and values as one another. Where I wouldn’t do something because I feel it is wrong, someone else will because they cant see what the problem is! We all have different eyes, minds and hearts which make us see, think and feel differently in every situation.

Have the courage to walk away from a person, people or a situation! Understand that this is not damaging to you but beneficial! A loss in the physical can be a gain in the spiritual.

We all hear about these juicing detox diets! Go on a detox. A people detox!

My detox starts here. After writing this I feel the courage enough to say, you know what. I’m done with you and I am letting go.

Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat funny one x

P.S “Being alone never bothered me anyway….”


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