If I had one wish…

We all would love to be rich beyond our wildest dreams, have world peace, heal the world, find love; the list is endless of the amazing things we could all wish for in life. I would love all those things but if I had just one wish, just one and no more… I would choose to have the ability to comment what I truly think on Facebook with no consequences!

Its 2014! Social media has become a part of our daily lives! It kicked off with MySpace, face-pic, face hood (yea I went there) and bebo! There were numerous amounts of outlets for us to chat, meet, make friends and update our status and they developed grew along with us into the world of Facebook!

It amazes me to this day what people do and don’t post on social media! I am unsure if people forget most of the information is “public” and therefore becomes public knowledge? I appreciate you have a “friends” list but realistically once the information, status, tag or photo hits the net it’s there to stay and how many of those people would you ring and tell that information too?
As per my previous post we all have annoying people on our Facebook! The clean eaters, positive thinks, the drama queens etc the list is endless of the people we have on there, some I am sure we can’t even really remember how we met!
How many times have you read a status and just thought OH SHUT UP! How many times have you just wanted to post something brutally honest! I do it every day! But I never post, we just don’t! There is something within us that just keeps scrolling, not wanting to offend or upset when in reality we really and truly have a few words to say!

For Example!!! We have all come across some of these status’ if not all of them and there are a few ways your responses could go….

*Photo* -“I am not being bias but my baby is the cutest in the world”
Response 1 – Not really. He has a weird nose and his eyes look a bit strange.
Response 2 – He really is cute! I am so surprised because of who his dad is….
Response 3 – Mines cuter.

Status – ” I love my boo so much, we have the best relationship ever, he just cooked me dinner! ”
Response 1 – Really? Doesn’t he smack you about? I am sure last week that’s what you posted.
Response 2 – Oh, you’re still together? I swear Shaniqua tagged him in the same status yesterday?
Response 3 – *Insert Screenshot*

Status – “Just need a break from life, so stressed. Don’t want to talk about it. Deleting my FB for a while”
Response 1 – But you are talking about it?
Response 2 – No-one Cares.
Response 3 – Thank the Lord! FB needed a break from you too. BYE BITCH!

Status – “Timmy and Tommy are being so naughty today, might sell them on ebay, or does want some naughty toddlers”
Response 1 – No thanks. Keep your brats
Response 2 – Maybe you should have waited until you were ready and not had so many?
Response 3 – Called Social Services for you babe.

Status – “Eat Clean. No animals, no crap! Just eat clean clean clean”
Response 1 – Oh that’s a shame, we are going to a steak house for dinner tonight; If you could just uninvited yourself that would be great.
Response 2 – *Insert pic of burger*
Response 3 – You clearly have never had bacon in your life?

Status – “Agh Why is life just so hard?” Comment “oh no babe whats up” Reply “Inboxed you”
Response 1 – NA bitch if you’re gonna make this public then share the info. No inbox out here, I want to know what’s wrong without actually asking so I can determine just how pointless this status was.
Response 2 – I know how you feel. I would find it hard if I was you too.
Response 3 – Get over yourself love.

You’re kind of getting my drift? And I could go on all day!
I just don’t quite understand what some people deem as private or public information? Personally, a domestic issue or “illness” (And I use that term loosely) should not be posted so public! The reason I use that term so loosely is because people tend to post about how sick they are when in reality they are serious hypochondriacs!

I am in no way saying we should all paint a marvellous picture of how wonderful our lives are if in reality that is not the case but I do believe there are some people who have no tact! Posting a pic of your bussed lip your boyfriend caused and then 2 nights later posting your photos from “date night” is a little concerning!! (Please note this has ACTUALLY HAPPENED).

People need to mature into social media. Grow into it. Understanding what is deemed appropriate and what is not! If you could look at your Facebook page as an outsider what would your impression be of yourself? I did this recently and looked back to 2010 and onwards and 90% of my posts were about food. So I just thought, fat cow. Sounds about right!

I have hidden so many of my “friends” posts that I see the same people on my timeline and almost forget the others are there!

Be wary what you post online! Does it paint the right picture of you and those around you? Be mindful of social media and the effect it has not only you but your family, friends, colleagues and children.

If you don’t think potential employers don’t look at your social media you are mistaken! I very much understand it’s a personal space for you to share things about your life but do we really need to know you are at the doctors for the third time because you’re still suffering from constipation? Which is surprising in itself as the sh!t seems to be flowing quite fine out of your mouth!

Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Funny One x

P.s – Get off my profile.


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