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I often quote a friend in many of my blogs and say “a friend told me” or “someone let me know” and this is quite true. And is often the same friend! They are normally quotes on some feedback or something they have said to me in regards to something I have done, said or an aspect of my behaviour both positive and negative. Now whilst I appreciate their honesty and don’t often get offended by WHAT they say I sometimes do get upset at their delivery.
If you have something to tell someone, that may not be particularly easy for example; they have a characteristic that can be annoying, they have presented themselves badly, they ask for your opinion on something you may not agree on etc, don’t just think about WHAT you are going to say; think of yourself as the “delivery guy”.

You are delivering a parcel of information to someone. Consider the steps it takes for that parcel (regardless of contents) to be delivered at the right time, in the right way and that any special requests are adhered to. Prioritise your load, look at the information you have to give and take your time in deciding what needs to go where and when. Are there any special requests, is it fragile? Confidential? Express delivery or 2nd class information?

It seems like a lot of things to consider but I have said before and will say again, words are powerful. We have all heard “it’s not what you say it’s how you say it” and that statement could not be truer! Your delivery of what you say determines whether it is beneficial or damaging to whom you are giving it to.

Delivery is often forgotten somewhere between what you are saying and the intention behind you saying it. People do not realise that it is equally if not more important than both of those things.

Doctors are trained couriers of information. They have a bad news parcel, they weigh it up, prioritise the information that needs to be given – the bad news, solution, outcome. They take into consideration how “fragile” & urgent the information is and always ensure they “handle with care” at every stage of the delivery process.

Most people in 2014 have ordered something online! Some forget and don’t realise we have a delivery coming others are sitting by the window waiting and checking online every 2 minutes at the delivery status! People can be the same with something about themselves! Some will be waiting for some feedback or someone to pull them up on something they are unsure of and others are oblivious and surprised when a parcel shows up not even remembering what it is they ordered!

Don’t be the delivery guy we all complain about! The one who tells you to wait in from 7am – 7pm but comes at 8pm; who damaged the parcel on route and is unapologetic then has the cheek to pass the blame! Who you call to rearrange and they are unavailable, they give it to your neighbour but don’t leave a note OR the one who leaves it in a “safe place” which is the dustbin on bin day!!

Take responsibility for your delivery even if the parcel is not from you! Be mindful of the steps it takes and the importance of how you give it to someone. Understand your role in the delivery process and don’t be defensive when someone sends the parcel back!
I recently saw a quote I posted on my IG that says; “Compliment people, magnify their strengths not their weaknesses’.
It is true. We as humans, are often quick to point out someone’s flaws and in some cases find that easier to tell someone something negative rather than complimenting them on something positive and magnifying their strengths in order to encourage them to grow! We all have information we have to give our loved ones and equally we all have information we need to receive but if we are all inconsiderate in the parts we play we will hurt, damage and discourage each other.

Compliment someone. Magnify their strengths. Not their weaknesses and if you have to deliver a parcel of negative information make sure you deliver it on time, in good condition and have taken into consideration all of the special requests! Who knows, if you deliver it well enough you may even get a tip!

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P.S – I never collect my parcels from the sorting office


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  1. August 4, 2014 / 10:43 am

    Brilliant Jess. X

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