The Movie of Life…

I am a bit of a movie buff and love anything from Marvel, black and white to Disney! Back in the day to watch any of these films we needed to either go to the cinema (but whose parents were paying for that?), buy the video from the charity shop OR Woolworths (if you were lucky!), rent it from blockbusters OR free on the tele at Christmas! In 2014 we can watch online, order them on your tele, DVDs, Blue ray, rent it, buy it, borrow it, you get my drift! But no matter what means you chose to watch your movie you always have the option to play, pause, fast forward, rewind, skip and stop. What if your life was a movie and you could use all these functions?

I recently had a moment of nostalgia and looked back at my Facebook from 2007! Looking back at pictures of holidays, happy moments, Christmases, being in a relationship, being drunk (89% of my photos) and I looked back and wished I could pause some of those moments. There are times, events, days, memories we wish we could pause! Those moments of elated happiness when everything is just lovely! I would love to pause the moment I held my daughter for the first time, all my loved ones dancing to candy at my mums wedding, watching my daughter take her first steps! The list is endless of the beautiful moments I just wish I could just hold on to for that big longer, soaking up the positive energy, the love, the pleasure and high spirits so I could feel like that again and again.

I am an impatient woman and sometimes when watching a film if I get a bit bored or I don’t really understand what is going on I often fast forward to make more sense of it! Would it work this way for life too? If I am in a situation or lull where I am unsure what is happening, If I feel I have no direction or some level of uncertainty I want to fast forward so I can see what’s coming next to know if it will all work out or all go horribly wrong! Patience is key when going through the difficult times in life. Have you ever fast forwarded something so much and it quickly gets to the end and your think “oh, it’s done already”. I don’t want that for my life! I don’t want to rush and look so ahead that I don’t live for the here and now and before I know it, my movie is finished! Although I wouldn’t mind fast forward my working day in the office sometimes!

The rewind button!! I have used this button so often when watching films. I talk too much and miss a whole chunk of what was happening, Sophia is normally standing in front of the tele with a toy or if something was really funny and I want to re watch it! But when I thought about it; much to my surprise as often as I use it when watching films now I wouldn’t want to when watching my life movie. Rewinding doesn’t mean you can change anything, it simply means replaying it over again! And as much as I would love to do that for the good times, it means watching back all the bad times too. They have got me to this point in the film, they have shaped and moulded the plot to what it is and laid the foundations for what my movie will become! Re watching will do nothing for me, it may help me understand a little better why I have got to where I am but it the outcome will be the same regardless. SO don’t choose to rewind any parts of your life, if you appreciate the present you won’t feel that this is necessary anyway!

Sometimes you can skip a few scenes or a few moments if you know what’s going to happen or don’t want to watch this part! We can’t do that in real life (obviously) but I don’t think should even if we could! Skipping over a situation because it isn’t pleasant or you don’t want it to happen will only confuse you later on down the line! Although Ladies I know there are a few minutes you may of wanted to skip in your life time, I know I have!!!
If you skip a scene in a movie for whatever reason as much as you think at that moment it is beneficial to do so, two scenes later you will have no idea what is going on because of something you have missed! Don’t avoid, skip or keep away from any “scene” in your life because you may miss something, that little clue, piece of information or sign that you needed to make sense of something later on down the line or even something that has happened already! As cliché as it is to say, everything does happen for a reason and skipping over something won’t make it any easier for you in the long run!
Have you ever watched a movie and never known how a character fitted in with the plot? Why they were there, how they were there! You will have characters that surprise you, bore you and excite you! Ones you fall in love with and ones you can’t stand! Your movie will be no different! There will be people that will come and go, be irrelevant at the beginning and then be a huge part of the plot later down the line! People, who turn bad, turn good and some who have a massive role from the very opening scene! You will have extras and scene fillers, goodies, badies, heros and villans! But the main character will be you! You will be the star!
Let the movie of your life play beautifully in front of you, in its own time. We don’t have the “movie duration” given to us; we don’t know how long our movie lasts so don’t rush it, skip it, fast forward it or waste time rewinding! Just let it play and enjoy every moment, every character, every scene, every adventure and ever unexpected plot twist!

I don’t know what genre my movie will be but I know it will be a bit of a comedy, romance, drama, family friendly (although not always PG hehe), animated and even in some cases horror! There will be plenty of action, fantasy, adventure and most definitely a of touch of musical!! But despite the genre it will most importantly be EPIC!

So, grab your popcorn, hot dog, pick a mix, drink and nachos! (And then after that consolidate your debt!) Sit back and enjoy your movie!

Thanks for Stopping By x

The fat Funny One x

P.S Angelina Joli will play me in my biopic


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