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Celebrities are a law on to themselves; they live a life most of us could only dream of! They seem to have it all, they want for nothing and they have everything they could ever want. Or so it seems. We often hear of stars passing and our social media is then flooded with tributes, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, the list goes on. But I can honestly say none of them saddened me as much as the passing of Robin Williams.

Now people age or they become ill, no matter how it happens we all have the same inevitable ending! But it wasn’t the fact he had passed that saddened me so deeply it was the circumstances. This is one man, who we may not have known personally but all “thought we knew”. We all “assumed” he had it all, he was funny, he was a comedian, an artist and a master in his field but no one could have predicted what we all found out this morning.

What’s horrible is this is a regular occurrence. One famous man who has suffered but everyday people take their own lives because they feel they have no other option. People call them selfish, question how they could do it to their loved ones, partners or even children but what you don’t understand is that the person felt at this point that they were doing a very selfless thing. Being under the illusion that you’re so worthless that others are better off without you is such a dark place to be that people are unable to fathom how it got to that point.

We have all heard the saying “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”. We understand it but do we truly grasp just how scary it is?

I knew someone who sadly took his own life. He was a close friend and was always the life and soul of the party! We would never have described him as down or depressed but how much did we know? How often did we ask? We all aim to please in some aspect of our lives and the pressure of having it all together is overwhelming and we all have a different way of expressing the stresses that come with it.

I try very hard not to dismiss someone’s sadness, just because I don’t understand it does not mean it is not important. How quick are we to tell someone; Get over it, it will be ok, your over reacting, don’t worry about it. We try to make someone feel better by minimising their problem rather than getting to the root of it. We are all quick to listen so we can reply but not quick to listen so we understand. I often get frustrated if something is bothering me, I admit it to someone and they make it seem silly or even pathetic that I considered even being upset in the first place! I would dread to think I have done that to others and I know at some point I have.

A friend of mine put a status up yesterday, before any news had broken about Robin Williams saying the following: I don’t think people truly understand how it is to have low self-worth. People trivialise it and don’t think it’s a big deal but it’s incredibly hard to live with. It can affect so many different aspects in your life. Insecurities can mess with your head and make you feel awful about a lot of things that “normal” people wouldn’t even care about. Sometimes people need to think about why people are that way and that maybe there is a deeper reason as to why”.

This statement was so profound. More so because she has NO idea how incredible she is! The courage it took to even write the status alone was admirable and inspiring. She is such an incredible character; Funny, intelligent, genuine, smart and absolutely gorgeous. She is forever perusing her fave celebs, gets tweets back and her excitement about it is contagious! It hurt me to think that she thought this and it made me consider my actions as someone who knows her. How often do we uplift someone? Connect with someone or just ask how they are today?

My previous post I said “Compliment people. Magnify their strengths not their weaknesses”. What can we do to just make a little difference in someone’s day? It may be so simple but the difference could potentially be significant.

It is easy for us to tell someone to tell let us know when they are down, or speak about things that bother them but we all handle and deal with issues in our own separate ways. But if you can, try. It’s hard to express how you feel when you believe others won’t understand! But you won’t always be misunderstood; there is always someone out there offering and giving whatever it is you need!

Robin Williams himself said “I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel alone”. I don’t want anyone I know to have people make them feel this way, including me. So smile at the grumpy stranger, wave at the person across the street, send a txt, call, tweet, facebook, insta, do whatever it takes to let someone know that there is someone else there.

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The Fat Funny one x

P.S – “You’re only given one little spark of madness, you mustn’t loose it”. RIP Robin Williams.


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