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I love travelling! I have a bucket list of places I have always wanted to travel to and things I have always wanted to do! I always wanted to be one of those people who either went with their best mate or alone and just did all these wonderful things around the world! When I had my cherub I struck all those off and just thought never mind, lovely little family holidays it is from now on! Then when I split with her dad I thought uh oh definitely no holidays now as it is just me and my girl…then I went to Florida!!
Now if you have read my “Wish upon a star post” you will know how hard I found this at first and how difficult it was for me. However, it was also a huge eye opener to how brave and courageous I can be and that I didn’t have a child I was taking, I wasn’t dragging her along or struggling with a toddler I was simply travelling with my friend. All be it my nappy wearing, tantrum having, under 2 friend but she was my best friend.
I saw a quote on instagram a little while ago and instantly stole it and reposted with a little mini rant! The quote said:
Travel while you are young and able. Don’t worry about the money, Just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be”.
It explained everything I have wanted to for so long but far more eloquently than I ever would!
My cherub is only turning 2 on Thursday and has travelled to Turkey, Gibraltar and Florida! This is loads of places for some and hardly any for others! Turkey was a family holiday so I never saw the big deal in travelling with a toddler! Gibraltar we have friends over so again apart from a plane journey alone I wasn’t “alone” when I got there but Florida was the big changer for me in accepting I was travelling with just me and my girl and this was how it would be for the foreseeable future.
I often put status’ up about my travels and not to show off but because I am genuinely excited! I received a few comments and even inbox messages with people asking if I had “won the lottery” or I was a “secret millionaire”. Even friends make little comments that they thing are nothing but have a huge effect on me; such as “well your rich” or “you can afford it some of us can’t”. It’s hard to not answer back to these without getting defensive and feeling like I have to justify my spending and earnings to people!
I work my ass off, I get up every day at 6am and run a household, work full time and people who know me know I love a coupon and will scrimp where I can! So I can travel! I don’t waste my money on things such as games, designer clothes or gym memberships (hehe). I do what I can so I can do what I like! I say time and time again that your words affect people more than you know so when someone questions me on how I can afford it or why I am going again it hurts because you are almost putting your feelings about not being able to travel on me and in turn I end up feeling bad!
I do sit and wonder am I doing the right thing, is my daughter having a good time is she fulfilled and happy? And in answer to all those questions; YES! She is smart and funny and social. She adores aeroplanes and at 2 can say Hello, How are you, my name is Sophia is two languages! She has a healthy appetite and adores swimming, walking and life!

Have you looked in a brochure? Looked on the internet at pictures from around the world? Look how huge and amazing it is! How can I not want to experience the views, culture and food in all these amazing places!

After scrapping my bucket list when I had a baby but then having that amazing time in Florida I decided I was rewriting it! So I am now working my way through it! When I went to Florida I ticked three boxes off by bucket list and thought you know what…I am one of those people I always wanted to be! I am travelling with my best friend doing all these wonderful things around the world!

Roll on November! Italy is our next top my next 3 tick boxes! Throw money into Trevi Fountain, eat Pizza on the streets in Rome and ride a gondola in Venice!
I have started a “Cherub on tour” scrap book for her with pictures, tickets and little memories from all of our trips so she can look back and see all the beautiful places we visited and the amazing things we have done!
When I wrote ‘when I wish upon a star’ it was a huge life changer for me. Not only because it was the first time I was really opening myself up and allowing people to see more of me but I had people email me and say they were scared to travel but had just booked a flight! They were unsure what travelling alone with kids would be like but felt like they now could! I felt elated that my honesty and what I had been through was helping someone else do what they needed to do!
Whether you’re a single mum, single traveller, family of 4, young couple or toddler! If you want to travel, try your hardest to make it happen! Shop around; work out if it’s cheaper to break up the booking and to do it yourself! Google is your friend! Research, compare, shop book and experience!
So “Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be”.

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P.S. Who doesn’t love aeroplane food!


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