A letter to you


There is an average of 1950 billion people in the world spread over 195 countries. There are approximately 17, 987 hospitals in the world and Everyday an average of 3, 952, 841 babies born. And out of all of those statistics. I was lucky enough to be given you.

I was only 22 when I fell pregnant with you and wasn’t really sure how I was going to cope what to do or how anything would work but I knew you would be here in 9 months and I loved you from the moment my wee told me you existed.

I spent 9 months preparing, panicking, assuming, worrying and eating. I wondered what you were going to look like, if you were going to have my eyes, nose, and face. Would you be just like your daddy or more like me? How tall would you be, what complexion? Would you have a huge head of hair or be just like daddy! I pictured you in my head to be this gorgeous, cute sweet little baby and I was wrong. You were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Well eventually, at first you were a bit wrinkly.

As soon as you were here I suddenly realised why I was. I hopped from job to job, city to city trying to find out who I was and what I was meant to be; I was a travel agent then recruitment consultant, bar maid and promoter but on the 21st August at 14:29 I realised that I was born to be your mother.

You will never know how you changed my life. There will be nothing in this world that can compare to how I felt the moment you opened your beautiful brown eyes and they met mine. I had this overwhelming urge to love and protect you at all costs and was not going to let anyone ever come near you to hurt you.

I never thought anyone would love me; I never loved myself enough to understand my own self-worth. You are only 2 now, but in those two years I have matured, learned to love myself, understand myself and gained two stone. Your unconditional love, your cuddles, kisses and obsession with my boobs have made me realise that I am worth so much more. I have so much to give and I am worthy of love.

You are not even 2ft tall and you are a beautiful ray of gorgeous sunshine that lights up the room and makes anyone you come in contact with smile! You are clever and so eager to learn! You have a fantastic personality and are a natural comedian! At only two years old you have people laughing, crying and willing you to stay in their company so they can feed off your infectious energy.

I wish you knew just how wonderful you are. I wish even at your young age you could understand just what an amazing human being you are! I question everyday how someone like me could create something as great as you! I have slowly come to realise it’s because I am awesome.

This letter is a thank you.

Thank you for giving me something to live for, something to work for and someone to love. Thank you for every kiss, every cuddle and every time you say say “jajoo mummy”…”jajoo more” (love you).

I will forever be thankful for you. Not so much when you’re screaming in Tesco at 7am because you want digestives for breakfast but none the less, still thankful.

Love yourself unconditionally. Never tell yourself you are not good enough. Your only problem in life will be that you will simply be too good.

So Jajoo Cherub

Forever your mummy


Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S I hope you don’t inherit my height. Or boobs


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