At the end of a wedding, when someone finally wins an award, at the end of a celebration, parades, when someone is announced the winner; we all know the deal with confetti! But it seems we are all waiting for THAT moment and can get so consumed in waiting for the confetti to fall we don’t live for right now.

We all have goals, aspirations or an ideal life we are all heading for and there is absolutely nothing wrong with working towards that! We all want tomorrow to be a better day, a greater day but what about today?
Positive/Self-help books preach it all the time, one quotes; “Today is a gift that’s why we call it the present” but we can all get so caught up in the future, what we should have, will have, can have that we do not always remember what we do have.

I can’t abide the term “YOLO” but I embrace what it stands for. You only live once. We live in a world of countless chances and a plethora of opportunity; we would be silly not to grab them when we can. I try as much as I can to live by this mantra and not worry all the time about tomorrow because what if tomorrow never comes? It sounds so negative to say and no one ever likes to think about it but the reality of life if we are not guaranteed a duration.

I can be awful at getting myself into a state where everything is awful and horrible and life is just rubbish! I let tiny problems snowball into huge big problems and then something will hit me and just say GET A GRIP JESS! In many circumstances we focus so much on the outcome we fail to just take the pleasure in the process.

My beautiful girl turned 2 last week and I had a party for her! I was so stressed in the run up; I didn’t even sleep the night before! So worried if I had enough; food, drinks, would people turn up, would everyone be ok. On the day it was worse! I panicked people were not having a good time, stressed they didn’t like the food, worried about not having enough, I spent way over what I budgeted just because I worried and wanted to just make sure everything would be ok. I did all that and didn’t just step back and realise I was one of the most blessed people in the world at that moment. My daughter was showered with gifts, my friends were helping where they could without being asked, my family were truly amazing and everyone was dancing, singing, having just the most beautiful day and where was I? Sitting in the kitchen panicking if the rice would stretch over 3 more plates! I missed out. I missed just being in the moment. Embracing the joy, the laughter, the beautiful life I live with the amazing people I share it with. I now look back at the photos and just adore every person in them; watching back the videos at people laughing, enjoying, living and throwing themselves down the bounce castle slide! I don’t want my life to be the same as that party. I don’t want to get to where I want to be and look back and realise I missed the moments that matter most!

Don’t get caught up in what could be; what will be will be. Just because you live for now doesn’t mean your loosing focus on where you will end up.

I know people who are almost sitting around waiting for their life to start! Telling me they are “waiting for that job” or “waiting for the right person to come along”. What if these things never happen? We can make a difference by being happy in the situation we are in now. It is so cliché to say but when you do think positive you attract positive! We sometimes think we will be happier when we get these things we wish for rather than being happy now with the understanding that they are just an added bonus! It question isn’t what you want, it’s what are you going to do to get it!

No-one likes to queue! I am one of the most impatient people in the world but my impatience gets me nowhere quicker because more often I end up having to start again anyway because I have rushed! Some things won’t happen overnight so while you’re “waiting” or “working” for it, enjoy your life! I have friends who are so career focused that that is all they ever do and while I admire their work ethic & their dream I often tell them work, but don’t forget to live in the process.

In life, we are given chances and choices; some won’t end how we want them or how we expected but in the end we only end up regretting the chances we didn’t take not the ones that went wrong!

Cherish the day you have, the fact you opened your eyes this morning! It sounds so minimal and so silly but I know when I wake up feeling grateful I have a good day! If I can do it, so can you!

While you’re working to get to the top your life will pass you by! Take time out, spend time with your loved ones, be there, be around and when you have a minute just reflect on all the things you do have! It’s easier said than done and I appreciate some life styles or career choices will make this difficult but while you can, while you are able, just live.

Not everybody wakes up every day.

I’m not waiting for my confetti to fall. I want to live for right now.

Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S Eat your cake before it expires.


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