25 Facts About Jess…

This is completely different to anything I have ever written before but I wanted readers to know a little bit about me. More about me! So here goes….

1. My middle name is Rebecca.

2. I have a scar above my left knee where I split it open on a letterbox…Yea I know. Have to ask me about that, I was only 8.

3. I have never met my father.

4. I had a C section when having my daughter at my request. As much as I joke about it being because I was too posh to push it was actually because I was diagnosed with a condition called “Tokophobia”. Google it.

5. I HATE football. I simply don’t get it.

6. My daughter is named after a girl in a movie I watched that made me cry for 2 days.

7. I have a crush (at 25) on someone on my fb. (slap me now)

8.  I absolutely adore poetry and used to write.

9. Some people think I can sing….whether I can or not I am not sure. I sound amazing in the shower though.

10. I used to go out as an “Alias” called Jasmine who was a school teacher and this is what I would tell guys who chatted me up.

11. I am a serial dieter. (Some would know that…Others would of “noticed” that lol)

12. I don’t like my physical appearance but my eyes but I am working on loving all of it!

13. I clocked crash bandicoot within 48 hours. And not ashamed to say it is my favourite game.

14. I have a 50inch Tele because I found it on offer and snuck out of work to go and buy it for £199.

15. My first mobile phone was a Nokia 5110 and I thought I was the coolest girl on the planet.

16. I have 5 tattoos and my first was my mums name, mainly so she wouldn’t beat me when she saw it.

17. I lived in Bulgaria for 5 months as a holiday rep.

18. I sometimes pretend I have a secret camera following me around and do really stupid things. As if I just admitted that.

19. I have a side to me no one really knows. She is a little too deep for day to day life.

19. My dream date would be a walk down the Thames just talking…. after a day at some galleries or museums, a beautiful dinner and then going to watch a poetry and spoken word performance. How boring and cliché…but if the person from no7 is reading……..heeeyy 😉

20. I auditioned and got through on the weakest link but my episode didn’t air. I was the 5th link to leave!

21. I have had a diary since I was a teenager and still write in it all the time.

22. I love to read.

23. I have always wanted to perform on the stage in the West end in a musical!

24. I suffer from anxiety

25. I am slowly beginning to love me for me. I am far from perfect but I am learning that my imperfections are what make me Jess.

Thanks for Stopping By x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S I enjoyed writing them far too much.


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