It’s ok.

We all wish we had straight hair when we have curly, wish we were tall if we are short, wish we had big boobs if we have small boobs, better at maths, less anxious, the list is endless of attributes we wish we had or things we want to change but sometimes there is so much beauty in just being content with being you.


I am only 5’2, always been a bit too chubby with frizzy hair and freckles. I talk way too much and I am such a drama queen! And despite believing all these things to be negative for so many years I am slowly but surely learning to love them and accept that they are all little things that make me who I am.


In any environment we try and relate to others, whether its work, school or even family life. We all try and have something in common with each other or like similar things as the others around us in order to feel accepted. There is someone I know who is exactly like this but to the extent that they compromise themselves. When I first met them in the office they weren’t keen on football, not really into the same music as everyone else, had difference ideas of what was fun and quite frankly, was just very different. At first they seemed to be ok with that but slowly they began to start mentioning the football scores, changed the music on their I-pod and either dismissed or talked down anything that they seemed interested in before. At first you think this is normal, you are just trying to relate, to “fit in” but eventually you become so consumed in being just like everyone else you forget who you are.


I have never been one of those girls who shopped in Topshop (Mainly because they only ever catered for rich skinny Bitc….), I didn’t have the latest clothes or knew the latest celeb gossip! I couldn’t tell you what song is no1 and I have no idea what the names of one direction are..(Ok I lied about the last one but don’t judge me). For years and years I tried to keep up appearances, got myself into debt trying to make sure I had what my friends did, I went where they went, I ate what they did. I didn’t even know what hummus was until I was in my 20’s and even then I used to tell people I “didn’t like it” rather than admit I had no idea what kind of meat it was! (I now know its chickpeas). I felt like I was in battle with the world only to realise that the only war I was fighting was with my soul. I was so set against what it wanted, what it loved, who it was that I tried everything to change the core of me.


We are born as us. We are no one else. You are who you are and never ever apologise for that. So you don’t eat meat but all your friends do! So what! You like high school musical but your friends like 24, everyone in the office likes Christmas and you are the Grinch! All these differences are meaningless because the one main thing we all have in common, the biggest thing, the most important thing is we are all human.


I always say I want to look like “her”, be more like “her” but who the hell is HER? Who am I aspiring to be!? We focus so much on others and being like someone else we forget to just simply become better versions of ourselves.


There is more approval when you are confident being you rather than when you pretend to be someone else. You will gain the acceptance you crave not when you are dressed like them, talk like them or do as they do but when you stand tall, on your own and you are proud to just be who you are. This isn’t straight away, people fear what they don’t understand and they won’t understand you but they will respect you. Not all of them, some people are just ass holes. But the people who need too will.

If you want to lose a few lbs then do it, if you want bigger boobs then get them but don’t try and change the core of you! Because no matter what you look like you will always be who you are! You are your biggest fan, greatest admirer and most important person! Don’t lose sight of being you because you are trying to be them.


Wake up every day with the understanding that despite all, it is ok to be you.


Thanks for stopping by x


The Fat Funny One x


P.S You were born to be real, not perfect.



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  1. Ray
    September 4, 2014 / 1:57 pm

    This is wonderful to post

  2. Zee
    September 4, 2014 / 10:03 pm

    Brilliant post cuz, I don’t expect anything less from you now! You’ve got such wise words for a young woman, your mamma must be super super proud of you along with all us Gregory’s lol!!

    I think I’m on a similar journey to you and find myself nodding along to many of your deeper posts about loving yourselves and having the right people around you. I’d love to know your thoughts on worrying about how others see you, and trying to get to point where a switch flicks and suddenly you don’t care and are confident enough to really speak your mind (tactfully) and not feel the need to always edit it to your audience. This is something I have mega anxiety over and I spend so much time worrying about how I’m viewed. Am I sharing too much, not sharing enough, being too eager when meeting new people or being to blasé on things I should be really passionate about. I’d love to know your thoughts and if its something you have ever experienced.

    You’re doing super well love, keep it up!!!

    Zee xxxx

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