Training Day

I recently came across one of those wise worded quotes that said “Train your mind to see the good in every situation”.
At first I thought blerugh, some situations are just negative and you have to accept it so that doesn’t make any sense but then I thought about it a bit more and wondered if it was true and the fact that I already assumed nothing could be done was proof that I indeed was in desperate need of some training.

When negative or bad things happen people are always there to say the ever so helpful “everything happens for a reason” and where that might be the case, in the midst of a really crappy situation its the last thing you really want to hear and quite frankly can encourage a high five, to their face, with a chair.

I have always been known to be quite happy in most cases but as I have said before the drama queen in me makes me over think every situation, snowball the smallest problem into a mountain and go into “my life is crap” mode. But despite the above I have more recently tried to adopt a more positive attitude towards things in my life, things that happen, don’t happen and the people in it. Surprisingly it seemed to have worked in many situations and much to my surprise the common quotes such as “be positive to attract positive” really did have truth to them!

It is natural for us to sometimes wake up and just be annoyed. No idea why, cant give a reason when someone asks you but you are just peeved! It is NORMAL and we all have days like that, we suddenly want a new job because the photocopier doesn’t work in the office, our relationship is at breaking point because our partner left their shoes by the front door, your house is too small, your hair wont straighten and no matter how many times you re do it your winged eye-liner it just looks wonky. It is changing your frame of mind when you initially wake up that makes all the difference and yes its cliché and corny and sooooo annoying but it is also very true!

We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people in confusing situations. Many of which we have no control over but the one thing we do is how we see it, how we feel about it and this in turn dictates how it effects us. Sometimes we are almost too scared to enjoy our blessings and happiness because there is that thought in the back of your mind saying this is all too good to be true, what’s going to go wrong? It is exactly that thought that causes the negative in the first place. I have done it time and time again, and the universe has proved me right time and time again, just when you think all is OK something happens! I came across this recently and a little change in my thinking didn’t make the situation any different but it had a huge affect on the way I felt.

I budgeted really well for the month of June, I was so pleased, had about £250 spare to pop into savings or have as a treat! Great! Driving along and the car begins to make a funny noise…..why is it always the bloody car. Anyway, cut a long story short I needed all this new stuff and it was costing me about £300. Now at first I did the typical AGHH WHY MEEEEEE and then I stepped back and realised, I was in a financial position to pay for this without worrying, without dipping into savings or messing up my budget! If this had happened any other time it would of been worse but it happened now, when I was in a position to just work it out! When I realised this it just didn’t seem so bad and rather than the normal negativity I had my first experience of the positive thoughts snowballing. I am a single mum, I run a car, I work full time, I pay all my bills every month on time, I manage OK, I had just got back from a brilliant holiday, This in comparison to £300 spent on the car suddenly made it pretty irrelevant.

Since then I have tried time and time again to look at things differently. We can spend our time complaining, moaning and being unhappy, I mean it is our human right to feel how we feel but when you feel like that there is always an annoying happy person there to remind just how rubbish everything is but that’s not why they are there at all, in fact the complete opposite. As much as you want to hit them and tell them to just shut up sometimes its worth taking on how they are feeling, its refreshing when people are positive and rather than dismissing them why not take a chance and embrace them instead.

Feeling a little down about things can sometimes encourage us to do better because we don’t want to feel this way again but when you get so caught up in the negative you fail to see the good in anything that is where you need to consider changing your mindset. Being grateful for the little things really can make a huge difference to your life.

So; you cant afford a holiday, save up for next year. Your stuck in the same position at work, begin asking seniors for training. The person you like is taken, break them up. OK that was a joke, but just be single and happy that you are free to do as you please and be patient with the understanding your ideal partner is on their way!

If you want a 6 pack you have to train for it – unless its my kind of 6 pack which is best stored in the fridge. If you get a new job you train for it, if your running a marathon…well you get my drift! Everything requires training as does positive thinking so start now, make today your training day.

Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Funny one x

P.S If all else fails drink a bottle of vino.


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