I’m a little teapot…

Short and stout…we all know the well-known nursery rhyme! Although the short and stout description is quite fitting when describing me; this isn’t the direction of the post…

I am one of those people who brew. Something or someone will annoy me and I brew and brew and brew and then eventually I get to boiling point and BAM it all comes spilling out. I must literally sound like the whistle in an old school kettle because I just can’t contain it any longer and I end up screaming everything that has been bothering me! Unlike some people who are able to articulate their feelings clearly, calmly and with tact, I just can’t seem to grasp the little and often approach when it comes to speaking about how you feel.

I have recently had a few “issues” with a friend who has really hurt me and rather than say exactly what the problem is I have been brewing. I guess in the hope that eventually it won’t bother me anymore and I can just move on from it but I can’t. Every time I see them post something on social media or I have to speak to them I brew a little bit more and the “tea” aka anger just gets stronger. You know how it is, when someone you are upset with posts something about them being happy and you just want to punch them in the throat? Oh no? Just me…Moving on.

I aim to be a people pleaser and will sometimes do this at the detriment of myself (never a good move). I try to be supportive of friends and although I have my moments I like to think I am a good person. Naturally we all have expectations of friends, that what you do for them will be reciprocated so if they disappoint you it can be surprising and quite upsetting. Some situations can be difficult to address and when you know the other person may not “take” it so well it can make the situation worse. So what do you do?

Do you leave your “tea” to brew till it’s so bitter it just burns out or do you say something while it can still be salvaged? You have to decide in yourself if this person is a positive person in your life and quite frankly if you think they should be a part of it or not.

I try hard not to get to boiling point as this never helps anyone. I end up feeling exhausted and deflated by the situation and the other person gets the worst of the wrath and when dealing with something as hot as “tea” someone is always bound to get burned.  We try and understand the other person or scoot around the problem and this does nothing but make matters worse; it’s just like adding teabags mid brew!

We all have our tea differently. Some take it with sugar, safest bet! Sweeten it up so it’s tastes nice. Others have it black, straight up no messing and some like it milky! Watered down and diluted so it isn’t very strong and easier to bear. No matter how we take it we all have had “tea” and as humans it simply can’t be helped but how long it is brewed, is completely down to you.

So how do you take your tea?

Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S. Milk 2 sugars. (Maybe 3 for this situation)


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