Irrational Irene.

If any of you follow me on social media you know I love a good quote and recently I came cross one that said “Don’t do something permanently stupid just because your temporarily upset”. This is literally the story of my life. Again, Irene was the first I name that came to my head! Sorry any Irene’s out there!

Again and again I tell you all that I am irrational and emotional so for someone like this the above statement is literally an everyday occurrence. Whether its blowing up at a friend and saying those things you know you shouldn’t have or cutting someone out your life because things haven’t gone your way.

I touched slightly on this in my other blog post Temp to Perm ( ) talking about Robin Williams Death and suicide being the ultimate permanent solution to temporary problems. It is so easy for things to snowball and I am sure in a previous life I must of been a snow boarder because this is something I let happen all the time. When you are in the midst of your issues they seem as though they consume everything and in some cases they do. People can dismiss them or make you feel like they are only silly but your problems are your problems and we all deal with things differently.

We all have days when it seems like its one thing after the other and separate issues can all seem to relate but its not always the case. We naturally try and correlate all our problems to try and appease whatever issue we have with ourselves, whether it is an insecurity or something we are trying to work on. For example I can be adamant some days that every issue I have is because I am a little chunky, so whether its someone looking at me funny, a pair of jeans not fitting (which would actually make sense) or the trains delayed! Ridiculous, I know.

I have recently been in a situation where I let my emotions get the better of me and when that is the case they normally completely take over and well, we all know that isn’t going to end well..

I am attempting to start mastering the art of controlling my emotions in order to be able to not make such irrational decisions to problems that will shortly pass me by. When I think more deeply about the quote and started to write this I suddenly realised the permanent effect of whatever we have done may not be only on us but on others. If you are angry and in the heat of the moment you say some nasty things to someone when everything is ok although you may feel a little bit silly the hurt and the aftermath of your words may permanently damage someone’s feelings, and ultimately their relationship with you.

When we use the word temporary we think short term maybe minutes, maybe hours or even days but some problems can last years however it still only makes them temporary because they wont last forever.

We are fortunate that problems are not always permanent but depending on how you react or deal with a temporary problem could mean the consequences are permanent.


I have recently upset a friend but making an irrational decision based on how I was feeling at that moment. When I had finally gotten over myself they gave me some advice. They showed me that if you value something enough  you have to weigh up your options.  Is it worth being doing something permanently stupid over something that is only upsetting you right now? I could only see how I was feeling at that moment in time, I didn’t consider how they were feeling, whether it was about the situation at hand or how my “stupid” actions would effect them. So this is my apology to you. My Friend. I am sorry, sorry that for a split second I imagined I could actually live without you. I am irrational, silly and quite frankly just a petulant child but it is only because I care so freely and love too deeply. If I upset you with my stupid actions this is my apology to you.

I don’t want to be the person who makes permanent decisions for temporary issues. The only thing permanent I want; is to find a solution for whatever problems I am struggling with so they never happen again.


Take heed when you are struggling with something, be logical, clever and assess the situation carefully. Patience, love and a little common sense can sometimes get us through the most complex of problems. We are all too quick to react and a little less quick to think. (I am famous for this).


My advice to you, don’t do what I did. Don’t risk loosing things or people that last a lifetime over things that will be over soon.



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The Fat Funny one x


P.S Patience is a virtue.


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