Gust of wind…

I was driving to work this morning and the song “Gust of Wind” by Pharrell came on and you know that moment you hear and song and just think “tunnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee” and turn it up full blast and grin to yourself like a fool? Yea that! I had that moment this morning!

I was elated, happy; life is beautiful then I suddenly had that really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach…was is all too good to be true? Something is going to go wrong surely?

We can become so consumed with worrying about what’s going to happen or that things are just “too good” that we end up not enjoying the moment and missing out. I have recently got a new role within my current work place (that I really wanted) and I was so elated, I am happily and very much in love and that relationship is more amazing than ever, I have a beautiful daughter, It is Christmas soon and I am half way to my target weight…BUT something doesn’t seem right, I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t simply just let go and as they say throw caution to the wind and just be happy in the moment and then I quickly realised that it is simply because things are too great! Backwards right?  After speaking to a friend she quoted it perfectly saying “how can your imagination give you so much anxiety over something that hasn’t and may not ever happen” and it is too true!

We all have those moments when one thing goes wrong and everything does..! We loose our keys, on the day we have an appointment, you find the keys, the cars not working, you get the train, it’s delayed, your late etc etc…you know the deal! We all have those moments or those days and can focus so much on the negative we have almost forgotten to be happy when its deserved, expected and due.

We live in a backwards and twisted world, watching the news can often be heart-breaking. Trying to understand how such bad things can happen, how the world works, what is happening, how it is happening and when will there be a happy time. NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE NEGATIVE; that is all we are filled with constantly! When last did we hear something positive? The front pages of newspapers are pointing out heartbreak, death, bankruptcy and injustice; it is just a reminder that life is imperfect but why is it when something good finally happens we are too scared to enjoy it when it is so desperately craved?


There is a saying “what must go up must come down” and this can sometimes be true but how far down are we talking? Learning to manage our expectations of both the good and bad so we are able to have a balanced life is so important, but don’t think this is easy it is very difficult to do! If we go either way it can be dangerous, too high and the downfall is worse or too far down it’s hard to pick yourself up. We need to learn to embrace when things are beautiful, uncomplicated and positive and in equal measure learning to accept the negative and handle it as best you can in the moment is both rewarding and necessary.


This year has been a rollercoaster for me but I like to think if I have learnt anything it is to ensure I see as much good in every situation as possible and be grateful for the little things.

So my advice; Embrace the good. Enjoy the wonderful and don’t be too scared to simply be happy. Do not fear the gust of wind that will take all your joy away. The only person who can steal your joy is you.


We will naturally have our moments of down time and that’s ok but don’t let the wind knock you down! Stand firm in your joy; you may wobble, have to hold on to someone, go slower, or sit down but if you are solid; the gust of wind is nothing other than an inconvenience.


Thanks for stopping by x


The Fat Funny one x


P.S – I don’t care what the weather man says….


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