Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall

Show me the skinny girl after all,

The diets, the salads and the one gym class

Yes after 2 squats I expect a Kim K Ass…

Show me skinny arms and a flat tum,

Perky boobs and a sticky out bum

Show me a beautiful smile and sparkly eyes

Long sexy legs and thick tones thighs

I thought you were going to give me this perfect girl

Who was beautiful, confident and could rule the world

Instead I see this girl who is a little too fat

With stretch marks looking like google maps

But I clean the mirror and get a better look

And see a woman who is not fat but just a good cook

Then I suddenly understand and suddenly realise

That this perfect woman I long to be is simply all lies

All these years I haven’t been seeing clear

The reflection you give me every day, month and year

The changes, the growth and the body I see

Are not negative at all but the things that make me,

The strong, amazing woman that I have become

A writer, a fiancé and even a mum

I clearly see every crease, every curl and every line

I acknowledge and admire that they are so beautifully mine

My imperfections, the jiggles and every single flaw

Who knew self-loathing was such a chore?

There is something uplifting when they light bulb goes on

And you realise you are beautiful and have been for so long

The hating, the need for change and the playing compare

With the gorgeous other girl who has beautiful hair

But little do we know we are all doing the same

Looking at each other playing the comparison game

You saying, I wish I was like her and I could be tall

Her saying I wish I was like her and I could be small

We compare and contrast not realising our best

That we are who we are and we are not like the rest

We have all different shapes, sizes, faces and lives

Some curvy, some thin, some single, some wives

Rather than envy, want change to be like another

Look down at yourself and thank your Mother

For making the brilliant, brave person that is you

Who has managed to get by every day and to get through

Every obstacle, every heartache and every challenge that’s tough

Struggling with situations that’s have been hard going and tough

Be honoured to be you and love yourself unconditionally

So that you will eventually be in love with the person that you see

So, Mirror Mirror on the wall,

Thank you for showing me me, flaws and all.

Thanks For Stopping By x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S I seriously rapped this.


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