All the things she says

I often post random things that my 2 year old daughter says and thought I would make them into a little blog post!

She is just the most amazing thing ever and everything that comes out of her mouth makes me feel some emotion! I wanted to share with you my favourite things she has said or come out with, and if they bring you even a fraction of the joy they give me when I hear them then you will finish reading with a huge smile!

S – “Mummy when’s your birthday”


S – “I will say happy birthday …but for you mummy it’s happy Boobday because you have fat boobies”


S – “Mummy lets go to your wedding”

“Not yet Sophia, do you know what it is”

S – “It’s a wedding Party”

“And Mummy and Daddy get married”

S – “hahaha Yea Right”


“Mummy, have you got your nipples on today?”


S – “Mummy your my best friend”

“You are my best friend too”

S – “Not when your naughty and tell me off mummy, then your just my cousin”


S – “Mummy where is my cake?”

“I don’t know”

S – “You are naughty, I know you eat my cake, look at your belly”


S – “I is”

“It is I am Sophia, Not I IS – You are not Ali G”



Man Walks by with a dog…

S – “Hello Doggy…Mummy DOGGYS EAT BUMS”


“Sophia Eat your eggs”

S – “no”

“Well are you going to just live on sausages?”

S – “Yes”

“You need to eat something other than sausges in your life”

S – “Yes, Cake”


S – “Mummy, boobies are so nice”


S – “Mummy I am a princess”

What does that make Layla?”

S – “She can be the postman”


“What should we do to Soph”

S – “ we should go to vegas”


“How old are you sophia”

S – “I am 2, I am a big girl”

“no, your not you’re a toddler”

S – “I am a big girl”

“No, You are 2, 2 is a toddler”

S – “Ok, I’m 5”


“Mummy, I just did a big poo from my bumbum, we should go now”


S – “Mummy why you got buttons on your boobies”

“They are not buttons”


Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S None of my feelings were hurt in the saying of any of these quotes.


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  1. Jessica
    June 25, 2015 / 6:40 am

    Hahahaha just stumbled across this blog. Bless your little girl. This will probably be my boy when he starts talking! X

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