All the things she says

I often post random things that my 2 year old daughter says and thought I would make them into a little blog post!

She is just the most amazing thing ever and everything that comes out of her mouth makes me feel some emotion! I wanted to share with you my favourite things she has said or come out with, and if they bring you even a fraction of the joy they give me when I hear them then you will finish reading with a huge smile!

S – “Mummy when’s your birthday”


S – “I will say happy birthday …but for you mummy it’s happy Boobday because you have fat boobies”


S – “Mummy lets go to your wedding”

“Not yet Sophia, do you know what it is”

S – “It’s a wedding Party”

“And Mummy and Daddy get married”

S – “hahaha Yea Right”


“Mummy, have you got your nipples on today?”


S – “Mummy your my best friend”

“You are my best friend too”

S – “Not when your naughty and tell me off mummy, then your just my cousin”


S – “Mummy where is my cake?”

“I don’t know”

S – “You are naughty, I know you eat my cake, look at your belly”


S – “I is”

“It is I am Sophia, Not I IS – You are not Ali G”



Man Walks by with a dog…

S – “Hello Doggy…Mummy DOGGYS EAT BUMS”


“Sophia Eat your eggs”

S – “no”

“Well are you going to just live on sausages?”

S – “Yes”

“You need to eat something other than sausges in your life”

S – “Yes, Cake”


S – “Mummy, boobies are so nice”


S – “Mummy I am a princess”

What does that make Layla?”

S – “She can be the postman”


“What should we do to Soph”

S – “ we should go to vegas”


“How old are you sophia”

S – “I am 2, I am a big girl”

“no, your not you’re a toddler”

S – “I am a big girl”

“No, You are 2, 2 is a toddler”

S – “Ok, I’m 5”


“Mummy, I just did a big poo from my bumbum, we should go now”


S – “Mummy why you got buttons on your boobies”

“They are not buttons”


Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S None of my feelings were hurt in the saying of any of these quotes.


One thought on “All the things she says

  1. Hahahaha just stumbled across this blog. Bless your little girl. This will probably be my boy when he starts talking! X

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