Sun, Sea & Cellulite.


Holidays are always exciting, a new country, a new culture, food, fun, sun the list is endless of things we look forward to when we are booking or looking forward to our holidays! But more recently the pressure to be “Bikini Ready” has been at its highest! Society has told us we need to have a “beach body” or be “bikini ready” but who defines what this actually is?


I am a keen traveller and absolutely love travelling all over the world! Experiencing other cultures and countries are what life is made of for me and capturing those moments in photos is one of my favourite things to do. I am that person who comes home and goes through the pictures to find 76 pictures of a stray cat and 976 of a hedge. At the time it seemed perfectly normal to keep snapping away until you get home and look like you have some random tree fetish. I have thousands of photos of so many beautiful holiday views, trips and sunsets but me in a bikini? Not so much.

If you follow me on social media, especially Instagram you would know that this has changed more recently. It took a while for me to get to this place but I am more than happy I am here.

I have always allowed myself to be defined by the number on the scales, They have spent years determining my mood, my self-worth, my confidence and pretty much my life. When on holiday I always opt for a full swim suit, sarongs and kaftans have been little sheer angels of covering-up-ness and if all that failed then it was simply taking advantage of the all inclusive cocktails until I just didn’t care. This holiday was different.  

Society tells us only pert boobs, flat stomachs and toned thighs are allowed to don a bikini in the summer. Not only is this depicted in pictures all over magazines, promotions of quick bikini blitzs and slapped all over our tv screens but it is also made difficult to simply even by them. Too curvy with big boobs and you have to remortgage your house to purchase a simply bikini big enough to cover your nips and fluff. Even then it’s a small range of stores that you can even buy them from, all the other mainstream stores offer what look like triangles with floss and other items that look more like origami than actual swimwear. It seems if you are a little to real then you are not allowed to purchase, own or wear a bikini and the world has a way of making you think that this is ok, I mean, who would want to see my body in a bikini anyway?


Too many jiggly bits, too much cellulite, some stretch marks and scars; All things society makes us believe are unattractive when in actual fact they are simply real life. They are what 99.9% of the world have. Tall or short, big or small, we all have “flaws” or things that society have attempted to make us believe are not beautiful.

I have spent so long trying to change my thinking, to not allow myself to be consumed with others definition of what is beautiful or acceptable and this holiday I made sure I put those new found feelings of self-love into action.

I am not what society deem beautiful, my tummy is too jiggly covered in stretch marks and my thighs are way too thick and covered in cellulite for anyone to want to put my ass on the cover of a magazine but society can do one….I decide whether or not I am beautiful and I choose that I am.

SO, I purchased a couple of bikinis for my holiday (along with some shapewear costumes and a kaftan as back up) and off I went. Stepping out around the pool was odd. I stripped down and laid across my sunbed and wondered why no one was looking at me. I suddenly had to ask myself who I thought I was that anyone would be interested! The stares and the looks are all in our heads, we almost project our negative thoughts about ourselves onto others and expect and assume they are thinking what we are and they are not!

Wearing a bikini isn’t difficult (unless you bought some orgamani one with 17 slits, two buckles and a nipple tassel from River Island), Strutting your stuff isn’t hard, but believing you have the right too, that’s the difficult bit. We all struggle a little with our self-image, it’s perfectly normal but don’t let it take over your life. Throw away your inhibitions. Ask yourself why are you bothered? What is it that makes you scared, worried or self-conscious? That you’re different? It’s the absolute opposite. You are just like me. I am just like you and we are all fighting the same battle against a world that wants to make us feel inadequate. You standing tall and proud in your swimwear is nothing other than inspiring, liberating and real!

Don’t be intimidated by others. I used to be, I used to watch the girls with the “perfect” bodies strutting their stuff and fill with envy and hate. Why? When I filled myself with unconditional love for how I am I soon swapped those feelings for admiration and appreciation. Appreciating them as other women, other humans, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Being jealous of “her” isn’t going to make me look any different nor is it going to make me feel good. Being positive and kind; those feelings make for a happy person.

So I challenge you to perfect your strut! To be confident in knowing you are normal, you are beautiful and you are entitled.

Entitled to be proud, to be happy and to wear whatever the hell it is you want to!

We work too hard to earn money to spend on holidays we have spent hours and hours choosing, debating and comparing to be uncomfortable and unhappy while we are there.

So throw off your kaftan, your sarong and your towel with a bit of sass knowing you are undoubtedly and unapologetically You and that’s absolutely all you need to be awesome.  


Thanks for Stopping By x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S who needs a lilo when you have your own floats?


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  1. Taylor
    August 27, 2015 / 2:16 pm

    I REALLY NEEDED THIS TODAY! It’s 3 weeks until my holiday and I have been coming out of changing rooms trying on holiday clothes so depressed and full of self loathing. How did I let myself get like this? But you know what, you’re right, nobody is looking at me and if they do look my way, who cares? I’m on holiday with my loving fiance and toddler and am not going to let my body woes bring me down and spoil my holiday. I’m grateful that I can even afford to spend two weeks all inclusive (I will take full advantage of the all inclusive and eat everything) with my family and I will enjoy it, even if I am carrying an extra stone and a half. Thank you for helping me feel this way! Thank you!!

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