Can we talk for a minute?

May 2016 was the last time I wrote a blog post…Slacking would be an understatement so I am asking you now, can we talk for a minute?

The lack of posts is not because I haven’t had anything to say because trust me, I have had some juicy things to write about however I have been feeling like I haven’t been able to share them. Numerous reasons, time being a massive one (well the lack of it anyway) but also because there are some things I feel are maybe too personal? So I hold back. I don’t reveal too much in the hope I can keep some things to myself but today an old friend told me “People never got into Frank Ocean, Erykah Badu or Prince because they gave half a story”. When someone starts naming some of your idols you kind of sit up and pay attention.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not aspiring to be the next musical sensation, far from it but if I could have just a little touch of the impact they had one some peoples lives then maybe I would be a little bit closer to what I feel I am here for, to help others.

Before blogging I used to write myself letters. I have countless diaries and have dabbled in poetry. Whatever it was I was going through I always felt the need to write it down but those things were never shared with others. I got a release from writing them and would sometimes read them back when I felt low so I could remind myself of how much I achieved or how far I have come. It wasn’t until I started blogging did I realize maybe if I shared, I could be helping someone else? That is when I began to share a little bit more of me.

I slowly realized that maybe I had something useful to say? Maybe, just maybe I was put on this earth to face whatever I had so at some point I could help someone else? I realized that maybe my life wasn’t all about me.


I fear telling too much because when we put ourselves out there we are open to scrutiny, to someone telling us we are wrong and ultimately we make ourselves vulnerable. What I have come to learn is that being real, open and honest does the complete opposite and it empowers me to be unapologetically myself. Speaking out about things such as my anxiety has given me the strength to overcome obstacles because I have quickly learnt other people go through exactly what I do and that I am normal – something I never felt and often made me feel like I couldn’t speak up in the first place!

I have made a decision today to share more (Within reason) I mean you don’t need to know my cycle or when I last got some but you know what I mean.

I pledge I will share, whether one person reads my blog, 100,000 people or it is just me reading it back to myself a little while from now, I will share because “sharing is caring”…Oh gosh that was corny.

But in all seriousness, Sharing is strength. It is love and it is what we all need to do a little more so we can all know we are not alone.

Never feel like what you have to say isn’t important or no one will listen. Someone will. I will and you are important. We all have a place and a purpose on this earth and deserve to be here. Know that when you feel something there will be someone, some where, who feels exactly the same. Your never alone and you are loved and cared for.

People in my life have shared with me and encouraged me to speak up; this is just me doing the same for you.

So if you need to get something off your chest, if you need someone to speak to, or just need to share some news then message Β someone, text them, call them, skype them, email them or slide into their DM’s if you need to; and simply ask “can we talk for a minute?”.

Thanks for stopping by x


The Fat Funny One x


P.S It’s all about that base.(Thanks R)






One thought on “Can we talk for a minute?

  1. You wrote so much and all I can think of is “wow”. I see a lot of me in your words. Useful and inspirational blog. Xx

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