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A few weeks ago I attended my first spin class in years and well…almost 70,000 of you have watched my video so we all know how that went!!!
I WASNT impressed. The sore fanny, the uncomfortable seat, the dreaded half a turn, it was a hot mess and so was I. Traumatised some may say is slightly dramatic – personally I think it’s a perfect description of what occurred that day and is now deeply buried in the ‘things we never talk about box’ like the date I went on when he made me sit in the back of a transit van. (Yea. That’s defo staying in the box)
Anyway my friend Fiona saw my video and text me demanding I went with her to her spin class in Oxford street. Obvs I said no. But she was adamant it was ‘amazing’ and ‘so much fun’ *rolls eyes* and she would even get it for me as a pre wedding gift! (I know…I’m surprised we are friends too)
Anyway, she also offered coffee and lunch and I wouldn’t be Jess if I didn’t take up an offer of free food so I said yes.
We met at Costa and she tried so hard to get me excited but I just kept having flash backs of being violated by the bike seat previously so I just really couldn’t get into it but a quick watch of Ariana Grande’s side by side video and I was beginning to feel it..
We jumped on the tube and headed to PSYCLE London (it has PSY in the start which is also the beginning of PSY-CHO but who am I to judge) . It was a large glass building down a side street and was filled with yoga pant crop top wearing Londoners ready to ‘feel the burn’. We walked in and signed in and was greeted by a gorgeous tall girl who looked at me and quite quickly realised I was out of place but reassured me I would love it..ok sister…if you say so *second eye roll* . We were given these shoes that resembled a cross between bowling shoes and studded football boots but they smelt ok so I took them and apparently they clip into the pedals! (I know – I didn’t know that existed either)
We walked into these glamorous changing rooms with digital lockers that looked like something from the men in black. There were beauty products, deodorants to use, face wipes, spare hair bands, free hair dryers and straighteners! I was slowly feeling a little bit better but then thought..is it only this nice because it’s the place you come to die?
A few more girlies were in there including our friend Danniella (who had already gone on Thursday and was back again – WTF?)
We grabbed our water and headed downstairs to the studio…although halfway down the stairs the people in the previous class were walking out and looking at them it quickly dawned on me that I might not actually survive this. *third eye roll*
We were at the back (thank god) and when we walked in the instructor was writing on the board. I waited till she finished and it read ‘we need to be grounded in order to fly higher’. I liked it….and even if I died during her class at least I left the world encouraged!
I adjusted the seat, got on and clipped myself in (after screaming at the girls to helpppp) and the class started!
Kaya was the name of the instructor and she kicked off with some amazing music which undoubtably made the class far easier to bear and dare I say it..FUN!
She pushed everyone without sounding like an army sergeant and she constantly lifted spirits by talking about self love, feeling grounded, doing this for you, and asking questions like what’s stopping you? The words hit home and Kaya’s timing was just incredible…it was right up my street!
After 40 minutes of hard core spin to some absolutely wicked tunes we had some hand weights and worked on our upper half. That was tough but I wanted to do it, I wanted to feel the pride that Kaya spoke of!
The class ended on a stretch and Kaya left everyone feeling sweaty, probably a bit broken but lifted and encouraged.
All in all…I loved it. Yes. You read that right. I, Jessica, THE FAT FUNNY ONE…LOVED the spin class! I loved the music. I loved the venue and I loved Kaya.
If you want to feel pumped, don’t mind a few swears (we all need them when we exercise), want to burn some calories and have your spirit lifted then I would without hesitation recommend Kaya’s spin class at PSYCLE London.
I will be returning..although this does depend on if I can walk again but providing I can then without fail I will be in one of those bike seats again (at the back)
Now excuse me while I go and get some Kale juice and an avocado…
Thanks for stopping by
The Fat Funny one X
P.S My Fanny isn’t on fire! Wahey!


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