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It’s been a while since I’ve written but I am glad to be back! 

After my recent holiday and 6 day swimwear showdown I had so many questions about where they were from/for/sizing etc so I thought the best place to pop all that info is here!!! 

I have chosen my top 5 days and shared the details below..enjoy 🙂 

Day 1

I sported the below pink triangle bikini from TU clothing. I bought it May 2016 from my local Sainsbury’s in a size 16 bottom and 18 top. As you all know I am pretty busty so found the string tie around my neck really uncomfortable and my neck was pretty sore the next day but this is more a reflection on my big tits than the bikini bra itself! 😂🙈 

However I have an love for this bikini and it’s lack of tan lines so much I wore it on the last day again and will no doubt wear it again however I will be you tubing different ways of tying to make it more comfy at the back! 

Because I purchased this so long ago I am sure they no longer have it but well worth checking! 

Day 2

My favourite! A gorgeous black scoop back swimsuit from in their plus range.

I adore it and purchased it in a 16 but really wish I got a 14 because it would of had a bit more support for the ‘girls’ . It made me feel so sassy and I loved the low scoop back.

I found it so reasonably priced too at only £12!$ja=tsid:77520%7Ccid:294788705%7Cagid:20988291785%7Ctid:aud-236398762625:pla-189709030145%7Ccrid:85426831625%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:9358383773976186898%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1o2&gclid=CNvlwfTl2NMCFcIK0wodUaICCg

Day 3 

Saw me in my Curvykate high voltage bikini! One of my absolute faves EVERRRRR!

I am not a huge fan of high waisted bottoms personally for my shape but these were really comfy and the lace detail is beautiful. The bra has amazing coverage and the straps you can adjust at the back like a regular bra. 

The briefs were £18.00 in a size 16 and the bra £34.00 in my bra size 36GG both purchased from bra stop which I tend to get quite a few bits from! 

Day 4

Another gorgeous Curvy Kate number called Atlantis. (Can you tell I LOVE this brand) 😂🙈

I should of got a bigger bra size admittedly as I believe this is a 36F but it was in the sale and I love the pattern! 

I really like the briefs on these too as they have such good coverage and are so comfortable with no falling down or baggyness. The thickness at the sides is great for people who want that extra comfyness of bikini bottoms. The print just screams holiday for me so I adore it.

The bra is adjustable like a regular bra with a clip fasten at the bag. Despite the thin straps there was no digging and it was really comfortable. 

Purchased on the below the sale last year but they still have it on offer! The bra is only £13.00 and the bottoms £9.00 absolute bargain!!! They have a Tankini and halter neck version of the print too!

Day 5 

The brightest of them all and probably my favourite back! 

This cross back swimsuit was lovely and purchased from Asos on the link below. My only worry with this and the colour was 1.Looking like a highlighter pen and 2. My brown nips showing through when wet and only one of those happened…

But I was a sexy highlighter so that’s all that matters! 

The straps at the back needed someone (my husband) to just lay flat as pulling it on they got a little tangled but it was super easy. Good support for the girls but I think this is as I got a size 14 rather than 16 so it was tighter. 

High leg at the sides so I had to make sure I had shaved for this one 😂🙈

All in all really nice to wear and good value for money at only £16. They had it in various colours including red or black but the one I have is orange soufflé.

I hope that helps making swimwear choices but know no matter what you wear or what size you are your gonna to look absolutely incredible and every single body is already bikini/swimwear ready.

Every swimwear worn doesn’t need a cover up or a kaftan, it doesn’t need perfect boobs or a toned body. All it needs is you, a soul full of sass and a decent cocktail in hand. 


Thanks for stopping by 

The Fat Funny one 

P.S #slayqueens 


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