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As a full time working mum fashion isn’t really high on my priority list, I mean checking something matches and is clean is normally my go to. Who am I kidding. It doesn’t even have to match and what is febreeze for right? 
Becoming a mother isn’t really an excuse because I have never really been one to know what goes with what or what looks good! I mean I can dress myself (just about) but style has never been my ‘thing’ so I made myself a news years resolution that I would make more effort and learn more about my body so I could dress it accordingly. However, I made this resolution about 6 years in a row.
I quickly learnt it didn’t really matter what I wore but I needed to love my body enough so when I dressed it, it meant something. When I put it all together I started to take more interest about what suited my shape, what made me feel wonderful and what looked great! 
Shopping isn’t easy when your height of a smurf, have a chest the size of Jessica rabbit and you have more rolls than a greggs baker and when shopping I found the majority of the high street stores most of my friends shopped at only really went up to a size 16 but when trying the items on I began to question if they mean age 16 because no voluptuous woman I knew could squeeze all their fluff into these jeans! So I was more thankful a year or so ago when in my local shopping mall I walked past a ‘yours clothing’ store
Historically ‘plus size’ clothing stores have always had the same ‘shape’ clothes inside, all of dark colours and quite frankly haven’t ever really been ‘sexy’ but Yours was nothing like this.
I walked in and it was filled with bright colours, sparkley tops and I didn’t have to look right at the back of the rack for the last size 16 that was floating (that normally turned out to be a 12 on the wrong hanger) 
Hoorrahhh! I finally found somewhere I could get lovely clothes (that were clean and matched), stylish, at reasonable prices and that fit my body type and didn’t make me feel like I had to dress in black baggy clothes because I didn’t fit the ‘Norm’ 
I more recently started shopping online and much to my delight they have a lingerie section, shoes, accessories and loads of other fab brands with amazing curve hugging clothes. 
The lingerie section is all I could want! I’m a ‘5 pack’ kinda girl…(comfort is my priority and if your knickers don’t come up to your bra are you really wearing knickers?) but also for the occasions when I am feeling far more sexy they had some fabulous baby dolls and sexy sets all in plus sizes. They have a great choice of colours too..bye bye beige bra and hello hot pink! I mean big girls love bright colours too you know! 
I’m a short one (5’1 to be precise) with size 4 wide feet so shoes are another thing that are a little irritating to buy. I was happy with the selection on their website which had a range of wide fit with varying widths which made it even easier buying without having to worry I was going to have to squeeze my tootsies in shoes that only barbie could wear. 
They have a variety of other great brands available on their website too including chi chi London who do the most gorgeous dresses! Scarlett & Jo, AX Paris curve and Voodoo Vixen. It was nice to be able to scroll through and see a variety of styles for a variety of different tastes and fashion preferences. 
Now being the novice fashionista I am I was really impressed with the ‘what’s hot’ tab which had tips like finding your perfect jeans, dressing for comfort & style (obvs clicked here first) and even a preview of the next seasons trends. 
All in all I am really enjoying Yours clothing as a brand. In my opinion, it is a great option for ladies size 14+ whether your looking for a party dress, work clothes, just every day casual or like me at the moment …some honeymoon undies!!!! *insert wink emoji here lol* 
I often feel intimidated by other popular high street brands where I kinda don’t know where I start with outfits, the models don’t give me a true indication of what the clothes might look like as the are not really ‘plus size’ and everything almost seems like you need a degree in fashion to work out how to put it on! It often makes me feel a bit put off when I just want nice, stylish, simple outfits that I can put together myself and feel great wearing.
So any brand that has models true to size, has high street stores as well as online and sells 5 packs of big girl knickers alongside a lacy baby doll is defo a brand that gets my custom.

Thanks for stopping by X 
The Fat Funny one X
P.S – I promise I won’t pack any 5 packs in my honeymoon case. Lace only! *insert rolls eyes emoji here* 


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