Christine from Vodafone.


Today has been one of those days.

You know one of those days where after the first few hours you simply wish you could go back to bed, wake up and start all over again.

I had a super early start after an incredibly long day and late night yesterday so naturally a combo like isn’t the best of starts. I threw my stuff into my boot and I went to pop into my office before hours to grab my laptop as I was working from a different location; little did I know that there was an alarm! After 20 minutes of ear piercing whaling coming from a tiny little box on the wall, four phone calls and running around in stilettos I managed to finally sort the alarm out and get the bits I needed.

Grabbing my laptop bag I ran back out the door and headed to the lift. The door shut behind me and I went to swipe my security card to get in only to realise it wasn’t on my lanyard and was sat on my desk! Stuck between a security door and the lift I had no where to go and no way out! Another 40 minutes later, 5 phone calls, four people and a tantrum I was finally out the door and on route to my place of work for the day.

Driving out the car park my “door open” light begins flashing saying my boot isn’t closed! I pull over and jump out to see what’s happening only to realise something is jammed in the little boot catch. I pull and pull and pull and riiiiiiiiip. New jacket.

I take it out with its lovely new tear and throw it onto the back seat, get back in the car and continue my journey.

After an incredibly long and tough day as no internet connection made any work pretty impossible I get an email to say there is an alert on my credit file. I have had ongoing problems with Vodafone – Their mistake not mine and if I even began typing them you would be reading a historic novel and not a blog post.

I give Vodafone a call and 1 hour 36 minutes later, 3 advisor, the billing team, the cancellation team and a collective of 34 minutes on hold I am finally put through to someone called Christine. Who innocently asked me what the problem was and after having to explain myself for for 100th time I lost it. I became so overhwlemed with my day that I simply lost it and had a hysterical crying breakdown. Christine went off to try and find answers but unfortunately despite 2 months of me making weekly phone calls I didn’t get a solution to my problem, In fact I was being asked to pay THEM money.  I explained I was looking at purchasing my first home and with a “default” on my credit file that was INCORRECT it was effecting my credit score which had now been reduced due to their mistake. I explained the numerous phone calls, I listed names of every person I had spoken to, I gave facts about dates and times of all my phone calls, explained all the empty promises I had been given and all the misinformation I had been told. Christine was adamant there was simply nothing Vodafone would do to help, despite numerous people admitting fault. There was no accountability, no justice.

Something so pathetic like a messed up phone bill  just brought out all my hurt about the recent events around the world. There is no justice, no peace no solutions for some of these horrible evil events that are occurring around the world on a daily basis. Here I am crying over a phone bill and some people have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their lives. There is no justice for the innocent lives lost, for the heros who noone knows about and the misinformation and bias opinions provided in the media.

I felt defeated. There are loads of things going on in my life at the moment both positive and negative but at this moment, during this phone call I simply felt defeated. I sobbed and sobbed and just pulled out my debit card.

I gave Christine my payment details and just said take the money. I mean, what the point in arguing? What is the point in fighting? What is the point in giving a shit about anything when nothing will get done? As I gave the details something happened on the computer and Christine advised I would get a call back in a few minutes to complete the transaction. Feeling hopeless I simply agreed, put the phone down and waited for it to call.

It didn’t. Just as I expected. Because I had numerous people promise to call me back who didn’t so  why would Christine be any different? My phone may never have rung but I received a text message explaining why. Christine text me, explaining that I would get a call back tomorrow because in that time she was going to try and sort out my problem for me, she felt I deserved better treatment than what I had so far and she was prepared to try and do what she could to sort things out for me.

I read the message and I burst into tears. This time not out of frustration but out of relief, Appreciation & Guilt. Relief because I wasn’t going to have to make a payment right now which would put me even further into my overdraft. Appreciation because someone was finally looking into it for me and potentially helping me by fighting my corner and Guilt. Guilt because for that brief moment I gave up. For those few minutes I was defeated and felt there was nothing I could do to make a change.


I don’t know who Christine is, I don’t know if I will get a call back tomorrow or even if my problem will be solved.I might still have to pay, I might have to even pay more. But what I do know is that Christine made me realise that we should never give up. Even when we think there is no way out, even when we think we are fighting a loosing battle there is always time to try again. To start over, to try something new, to keep going. Christine made me realise regardless, I should never give up.

So thank you Christine. Thank you for making me realise that today is just one day. Whether something small happens or something huge. Its JUST today. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to change things, to try again, to start over. No matter how big or small the fight, it is always worth fighting for and always worth trying again. And again. And again.

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  1. Sharon
    November 18, 2015 / 8:42 pm

    Wow! What a day & a half Jess. We are only human so sometimes I think it’s ok to crumble however you did put a great deal into perspective. My motto is you have to choose your battles & not because we should give up or let others win but sometimes because someone or something else requires our passion, strength & justice that day.

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