The Fat Funny Bake Off 

We all know I have an obsession with cake. And rightfully so, it’s amazing! Victoria sponge, red velvet and carrot (not so keen but still, don’t discriminate) are just to name a few. All cakes are wonderful and I have never turned one down, however baking them is a different story. 
Now because I can’t bake (unless it’s an add water box jobby) programmes like The Bake off don’t tend to excite me enough to run into the kitchen, however I was still inspired; so I am writing this. 
After watching the show and seeing the process I kept thinking about how my life related so much and not because I had pretty much eaten most of the cakes or biscuits they baked but because it kinda just made sense…Yes I know – strange; but hear me out. 
To bake any good cake you need ingredients and this is exactly the same for a happy life. You need some key components to make your life work for you; with ingredients that are personal to you to make your ‘life cake’ exactly how you want it. 
Like in the bake off everyone’s tasks are exactly the same..but the ingredients, their methods and their designs are all down to the individual, much like our own lives. 
So it got me thinking, what are my ingredients? What are the key things I need for a good life? What are the things that have got me to where I am in the process of baking this extraordinary life cake?
I started writing words down as they came into my head, almost like I was writing a shopping list of items I needed. And the main four that meant the most to me were: Hope, Passion, Positivity and determination. 
These were the four ingredients that have got me where I am in all aspects of my life and will continue to get me to where I need to be. 
I considered all different scenarios in my life and situations I have been through and realised that there have often been times I have needed a bit more of one ingredient than another. 
For example, when going for my job I’m in now, I needed more passion than I did hope. Don’t get me wrong I hoped I would get it but I needed more passion in order to land it. It became apparent to me that often you have to increase or reduce the measurements of your ingredients depending on the situation your in but ultimately all of those things will play a part. So just like the job; I hoped I would get it, I remained positive, I was determined to get it but ultimately It was my passion for what I do that got me the offer. 
Of course there are sometimes other flavours thrown in like integrity, courage, trust and a dash of crazy (possibly quite a bit more of that than necessary) but these things make me who I am and are the reason I keep going and going even when I’m not sure where I will end up. 
So what are your ingredients that make you? Do you know what they are? I guess in some ways they are your values or morals and every time you get in a situation if you know your ingredients it doesn’t matter what anyone throws at you. So if they throw their negativity or jealousy in your mixing bowl, if they switch off your oven mid cook or if they try and sabotage your recipe, if YOU know the key ingredients, your finished item will always turn out great and they will end up with the bitter taste in their mouth. 
Ultimately it’s about knowing who you are. Knowing the ingredients that will make your ‘life cake’ just as you want it.
I have had a few situations recently where I have really been bothered by other people trying to ruin my recipe, trying to throw in their negativity and I have often let them ruin my cake mix by allowing their thoughts or feelings towards me have an impact in what I do, say and feel. But it’s me and NOONE messes with my cake! 
This may make complete sense or no sense at all, but I’m writing about cake and that makes me happy. 
So know who you are, don’t let ANYONE steal your joy or try and project their own feelings on to you and what you are doing. Know yourself well enough that if someone tries to bring you down you are so sure of yourself that they will only ever show themselves up. Remember your ‘ingredients’, remember that it is YOUR cake your baking and no one else’s so it’s about you, your life and your happiness.
Don’t feel forced to take on anyone else’s ingredients either. That’s the beauty of ‘life cake’ there are so many different flavours that there is enough for everyone to have their own. 
Own yours. Be proud of your ingredients. They make you who you are and being an individual is your power! Being you is your power and sometimes in life not everyone will like what you choose to do with your cake, whether it’s the ingredients, your methods, your design or how you decorate it but you know what, if you watch someone else’s oven to closely the contents of yours will ruin! 
Thanks for stopping by X 
The fat funny one X 
P.S – I really fancy a slice of cake. 


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