The Man on the Mountain 

In February this year my boss asked the team if we wanted to take part in a Mountain climb for Charity and there was a collective ‘yes’ and loads of excited chat (from everyone but me LOL) but not wanting to be the only one who said no for no good reason (other than not not wanting to climb a mountain) I forced a smile and nodded that I would take part. I mean, it wasn’t until May so we had plenty of time to get ready, right?

Fast forward a month or two and it’s a week before the climb and in true Jess style I had done zero training, zero research and zero purchasing of mountain friendly items. I mean it’s just a big hill? The fact it is for charity means the good spirit and generous act will fuel me to climb to the top, right? (I am laughing typing this because I really had no idea what was coming)

So a bit of research at the last minute and a £90 sports direct order later I felt well and truly prepared. (Laughing again)

My order comes and I walk around the village breaking in my very sexy hiking boots convinced it counts as training too. Waterproof jacket is fab, rucksack perfect, waterproof trousers don’t even make it over one ass cheek but my weather app says it will be sunny so we are all good.

I decide that I really should prepare for any eventuality so spend a further £28.00 in Superdrug on deep heat, pain killers, Tena lady (not sure if they have toilets on the mountain) and enough blister plasters for a small family of centipedes.

The day arrives and I am up at 5am, full of energy and strangely excited about the day ahead (how naive)! I meet the team for a decent breakfast and off we go!

We had a group of about 20 and after some before photos, and filling up our bags with snacks we head off. We are walking along at a good pace and I am like yesssss I can do this. Views are good, people are good, this is going to be a breeze.

I loose track of time because this is so lovely! I start feeling a little out of breath but its cool, I got this. We stop for a quick break and I think the timing is perfect,just need to catch my breath and first stop indicates we have done a good chunk already! Amazing! I am feeling great, until I realise we have only just left the car park and stopped to use the toilet at the start. Shit.

The first 30/45 minutes is the steepest hill I have ever seen in my life. If this is what it is going to be like I may as well sack it off now but I cant, its for charity…plus someone doubted I could do it so there was no way I was going to quit.

The group slowly begins to split as people find others who are at their pace and we all start to make our way to the summit. It is HARD. Between the sun beating down on my five head, the rucksack packed with jungle trek supplies,676,876,546 bottles of water, chocolate bars and the fact my legs are only 11 inches long (possibly longer but not by much) I was SERIOUSLY struggling. However we make it to the half way point so there is possible some light at the end of this tunnel. (or summit at the top of the mountain…whatevs)

We took Llamberis path which I was convinced was the hardest until a woman in her 80s and a 4 year old passed me and then I realised it was simply the tourist route and I am majorly unfit.

The second half of the walk was A LOT harder than the first and at one point I just popped myself on a rock and burst into tears. I got myself together (just about) and this couple walked past. The gentleman asked if I was OK and if I was apart of a company team building event. I assured him I would NEVER be apart of a team that found this fun and that in actual fact it was for the Charity Help for Heros. He patted me on the back and said that was wonderful news and I need to keep going, he then threw in if I got to the top he would sponsor me! I laughed and said it wont be til next week if he could wait that long but thank you! We all laughed and off they went (ahead of me of course)

Skip 2 more hours and I FINALLY make it to the summit. I felt so overwhelmed with emotion because the only words I said to myself before I saw that couple were ‘impossible’ ‘never’ ‘forget it’ ‘you will fail’. But a little pep talk and the fact a stranger had taken the time to speak to the weird girl crying on a rock meant that I changed what I was saying to ‘little and often’ and ‘one foot in front of the other’ and that is exactly what I did til I made the top.

Celebrating on the summit with 657,655,877 selfies I get tap on my back. I turn around to see the gentleman from the couple and before I could speak he shouted ‘YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT GIRL, WELL DONE! HERE YOU GO, I PROMISED I WOULD SPONSOR YOU AND YOU DID IT’. With that he pushed a brand new £5 note in my hand and before words could leave my mouth he was gone heading back down.

That man probably thinks he did something simple or something anyone else would do but he really doesn’t understand the impact it had on me and my life.

He believed in me when I didnt believe in myself. He kept his word and he waited. He waited til I made it so he could fufil his promise. Does anyone realise just how incredible that is?

There are numerous videos of people doing good deeds that float around on social media, often massive generous gestures of kindness and it is incredible. However it can sometimes make us feel like if we cant do anything as big or bigger then what we can do is insignificant or wont make a change but we are wrong.

Every good deed and every act of kindness has a ripple effect of good. Simply encouraging someone, having faith in someone, lifting someones spirit or simply taking the time to talk to someone can be life changing for a lot of people, including me.

Never doubt how much a simple act can help someone else, don’t doubt the impact YOU can have on someone else. We may not all have the money, the ability or time to do something huge for someone but we all have the power to change lives.

That man on he mountain made that walk possible for me. That man on the mountain made me feel such love and so much pride. That man on the mountain was my little reminder that I am capable, I am strong and even when I may not believe I can do it there is always someone rooting for me and I will always make it to the top I just need to put one foot in front of the other.

The Fat funny one x

Thanks for stopping by x

P.S – Next time I will do a sponsored cake eating contest.


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