Primark haul! Work clothes, Holiday items and all the little shitty bits by the till…

Soooo I am NO fashion blogger but my self love journey has allowed me to make fashion choices I would never have before! It has allowed me to have so much freedom and ‘play’ with clothes and fashion styles that I would always have dismissed, claiming they were for ‘beautiful slim people only’. 
So my new found love for clothes (much to the despair of my credit card) has given me a new lease of life and I have started sharing little things here and there but wanted to actually do a full blown haul! 
A proper haul – check me out! 
Anywho I have categorised them sort of incase you want to skip some and look for something in particular! Not too many items though as I tried a few pieces on that I will be exchanging for different sizing etc or just looked ridiculous! 

One thing I will point out is sizing! I have a massive range of sizing in items here from 12-20! I can’t stress enough how much the number on a tag means nothing! Size seriously doesn’t matter so please don’t worry about that! For me it was all about getting the right fit and that’s all that matters. 
So here is my little mini Primark haul! 

As many of you know I am starting a new job tomorrow morning and wanted to just get a few new work bits to freshen up my work wardrobe (and make 5am starts worth getting up for). 

Navy V neck blouse – £6 / Size 18 

I really love this blouse! It isn’t stretchy hence why I got an 18 because I wanted the girls to have room to breathe! The V neck detail is perfect as it isn’t too low where I will worry about hoisting my top up all day in a bid to not scare my new colleagues with a flash of boob! It has little fold over cap sleeve which is nice too! 

Length is great – I am 5.1 so on anyone else it will be on hips but it’s a bit longer in me (as you can see). 

All in all a great all round blouse – don’t worry I will remember trousers when I wear them to work! 

Ivory T shirt blouse – £10 / size 16

I literally look like I’m pooing in this pic – I’m not but I wanted to get the sleeve detail in and the pocket and between that and being rubbish at this fashion stuff my pic ended up like the above! 
Really nice blouse with fabric that Has a little more give hence the size down. I love the detail on the sleeves and the pocket and the colour is lovely too! Too white for me = make up stains in the first 2 minutes so this ivory/cream is perfect. 
Black sheer sleeveless blouse – £8 / size 16 

I love this blouse and the fact although it’s sheer across the boob etc it’s jet black so you can’t see through! 

Sleeveless is something I don’t normally do at work but I really love this simple easy style. Size 16 which is fine but I could of gone a size up to ensure it slipped on especially over my hip as it’s a little longer than the average blouse.

Brown wide fit shoes – £8 / Size 4 

Pretty self explanatory! I had wide feet so I love that primark so wide foot shoes! 

I always think there shoes are great value altho after 6-12 months I always think they stink a bit and end up with a new pair but for the price I don’t mind so much! Love the buckle detail on these too! 
Lunch box/Snack bag – £1 

Probably one of the most important purchases for me. I mean it’s lunch soooo it’s high on my list of priorities! 

They had some incredible ones including Disney ones, trolls, belle and so many other patterns! 

Miami print swimsuit – £4 / size 14 

For £4 I literally couldn’t leave it. Fab price for a swimsuit and the fit is lush. 

I always size down in swimsuits so it’s tight enough to hold up the girls – don’t want to be tripping up round the pool! 

It’s a really low scoop back but really comfortable and actually really great support. 

Palm tree print swimsuit – £4 / Size 14 

The colour of this swimsuit is AMAZING! Really beautiful – it was Sophia who picked it out for me and I am super glad she did. I was going to choose between the two swimsuits but at £4 each I just threw them both in. 

Pizza LILO – £10 

Do I even need to explain? 

There are no words to describe the excitement about lying on this on holiday! *pics pending*

Blue print dress – £6 / Size 20

I massively sized up on this but I wanted it to be baggy! It has a draw string around the waist so I could tighten it accordingly as I have in the pic. 

It has cut out shoulders and a little drill detail at the end which I really love. 

Very light fabric almost like a Kaftan but not sheer (and was in the dress section) 

Will pair with som wedges on holiday and dress up for dinner in the evening. 
Other random shitty bits from the till 

I am the worst for picking these little bits up! And today was no different! 
Teeth products (pricing on individual items in pic) 

Tooth brushes and paste are pretty self explanatory! I needed some for hols so purchased them…

The coconut pulling? That was a ridiculous impulsive ‘I’ve seen it on YouTube’ purchase! 

I will attempt it – I don’t have much hope and will no doubt do it once but at least I can say I tried right? 

Meal planner board – £5 

I LOVE this! They had a choice of two patterns – this and another that had swirls on but Sophia chose the watermelons (I taught her right) 

I plan meals and not for weight loss but for saving money and keeping organised! When I do online shopping I try and stick to a rough idea of meals and check prior what we have in the cupboards so I don’t overspend (like the traumatising £88 in Lidl) 

With my 5am starts for my new job I wanted to make sure that I have everything I can in place to keep me on top of everything! Plus who can resist watermelon print on anything! 

More random stuff by the till – prices on items 

Did I need these? NO. 

Will I return them? NO.

My sister said ‘the bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe’ so maybe I should exchange them for some bigger ones aye 😩😩😂😂
I love liquid liner – can’t wing it for shit but might as well give it a go! I often find the cheaper products like this do actually turn out to be the best so I’m hoping this is too! 

That’s everything! I got a few treats for Sophia and some socks for Trevor (so he doesnt moan about how much I spent) and that was that! 
Hope that was helpful and you find some items you may even want to purchase yourself! If you do get any of the above let me know and tag me in all the pics on social media! 

Thanks for stopping by x 

The Fat Funny One x 

P.S – Can you do a weekly shop in primark like in tesco? Is that acceptable? 


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