Mind over Matter. 

For the longest time I have wanted to take to the stage. I adore the theatre, comedy shows and seminars and every time I go I get this bubbly feeling in my stomach that just wants to run to the stage. 

I decided I wanted to bring my blog to life. I wanted to talk and discuss all the topics I post about so frequently because they mean so much to me and maybe, just maybe I would be able to help someone that little bit more. Despite wanting to take to the stage I didn’t want it to all be about me and I certainly didn’t want to profit from other people’s generosity. 

My reality was I couldn’t run the event for free but I also wanted to make a difference where I could so I decided to run the event to raise money for charity. 

Choosing the charity was an easy decision when I decided where I wanted to support. There are thousands of charities that support people every single day and do some incredible things around the world and I considered so many that I have either done stuff for in the past or have been effected by but after thinking about what the event was all about and what I talk about day in and day out on my blog it seemed the right thing to do to choose a Mental Health Charity – especially one who’s services I have used myself. 

A few years ago on New Years eve I was home alone. Sophia was with family as I had plans to go out which didn’t go ahead and at the last minute and after an argument with the other half I saw myself going into the new year alone.

Now this might seem so ridiculous to some because they are happy in their own company but I wasn’t. I let my thoughts of being alone snowball into telling myself this is what I deserved, this is what my life would always be like. 

My thoughts got out of control, they got deeper and darker til I was out of my mind. The closer it got to midnight the worse I felt.

I always use the phrase ‘start as you mean to go on’ and always believe in spending the new year doing something positive like celebrating or being with loved ones. I was doing neither at that moment.

Thoughts escalated. I got deeper into despair and my thoughts got worse and worse. I started frantically calling people in my phone book and no one would answer – I mean why would they! Everyone was out…this went on for hours and hours until this tiny thought trickled into my head…’No one will care if your gone’ 
I told myself it over and over and I mean, the reality of what was happening right now was the evidence I needed. 
I tried to fight against the thoughts but I was so weak. I was low and the snowball got bigger and bigger and bigger. Before I did anything I picked up my phone and text my other half ‘sorry’ then I went to google. 

It was like my mind was pouring into my fingers and I started typing…I pressed search before I knew it and the first website link that came up was MIND. 

I had searched ‘I need help I am loosing my mind’ 

I clicked on the link and started reading the webpage. ‘Your not alone’ ‘talk’ ‘support’ were words that started filling my brain and I started to breathe slower, I started to pay more attention and I realised maybe, just maybe, I’m not the only one who feels this way. 
I started reading, the about us, the info and support details and there was a big flashing sign saying ‘need urgent help now’.

The more I read the calmer I felt over time and I must of eventually fallen asleep. I woke up the next morning and I was so grateful I had. 

I may have only come across a website which to some are Just words on the internet but MIND do incredible work for people who suffer with mental health and their website came to me just at the right time. 

It wasn’t patronising or difficult to digest. It told me I was ok, I wasn’t alone and it told me there was always someone there if I needed them. Things I was doubting constantly. 

There was a HUGE section on information about every type of mental health, daily tips on how to survive and support groups and helplines. Everything I needed was there at the click of a button. 

It’s constantly in the media that the government are making cut backs to the mental health support in the NHS, the shortage of nurses, the long waiting lists, it is worrying. Which makes it all more important we support charities like MIND who are trying to do what they can to give people the help that they need. These charities NEED our fundraising to keep them fighting the fight. The world needs them, people need them, I need them. 

Doing these events and being given the opportunity to raise money for them is an absolute honour. I’m not expecting to raise millions of pounds, dam I wish I could, but anything I can raise will be incredible. I want to be able to fund more of the amazing work that they do every single day. 

So if you can come to London or Manchester please do! Come to the event and listen more about my journey and some other incredible inspiring women! 

Click Here for ticket to London and here for tickets to Manchester

If you can’t make the events then just simply by a raffle ticket! They are £10 each and every single penny of that goes to MIND. There are some incredible prizes up for grabs! 

If you need support or want to have a look then please head over to the MIND website http://www.mind.org.uk 

Thanks for stopping by x 

The Fat Funny One x 

P.S You are never alone 💗



I am a phone addict. There is no denying it. I am on my phone ALL the time, whether its for work, blogging, giving advice and responding to messages, googling how to cure a hangover and cope with a 4 year old or just simply watching 176,986,556 you tube videos. Unfortunately my daughter at the tender age of 4 has become exactly the same!

If you have spent the 10 years in the western world there is no doubt your life has predominately been computer orientated. From homework to TV, video games and mobile phones – our faces have been planted on screens for the last decade and I am sure with the developments in tech it will only get worse.

A few weeks ago I was asked to attend an evening about a new product being launched. I kind of had an idea what it was about as it had been explained to me by one of the creators prior but I wanted to see it in action and get an idea of what it was truly about. Apparently it was going to help me cure my addiction!

I am always dubious with events and product launches as I always imagine the creators are these uber smart, complex, business mad Alan Sugar types who are just pushing products to get even more rich. When I met Calvin, George and Ed I realised they were nothing like I imagined (don’t get me wrong they were uber smart) but they were regular men. They were fathers, they were husbands, they were pub goers (my fave kinda people) but ultimately they just wanted to make a positive change in peoples lives.

They have spent so long developing this amazing product because they have been affected with the same screen addiction as me and they finally wanted to get away from the screen. They wanted to #bepresent because they needed to feel #thehumanconnection and understand what it meant to them again.

TOME is a beautiful, sleek and dare I say it, sexy product. It is something that I think it needed not only in homes but board rooms, dinner tables, weddings, CHURCH – I mean anywhere you go to connect with other people there needs to be a TOME.

The concept of TOME is to (in the most basic sense) lock your screens away for a set period of time to allow you to be in the moment. Completely. Not a little bit (checking your phone every so often) but completely in the moment; and if I am honest – apart from my recent wedding where I didn’t have my phone with me, being in “the moment” is something I haven’t been in for a long time.

I am not sure because I use my phone for my blog that I am on it more than others, wanting to capture a moment not because of how wonderful it is but because it looks great on Instagram, but I know I am certainly on it far too much and I am not the only one. I have tried leaving it upstairs, turning it off, putting it away or just leaving it at home (haven’t managed this one yet) but just trying to be away from it and bloody hell, IT IS HARD. It often can feel like your whole life is in your phone – I am sure I have even said that out loud before when worried I might loose it.

But its not is it? I have lost or broken several phones over the years and yes the initial panic is scary and I worry how I will function but of course…I do. We do, don’t we? Because they may play a huge part in how we function day to day and manage our lives but they are just a tool. Simply a tool.

The internet is a great place and I am fortunate I have made so many fabulous friends on it, It has given me the platform to talk freely about my self love journey and inspire others but I have also had my fair share of negativity on there too.

TOME for me is about reconnecting. It is about having the ability to truly #bepresent with my family and friends and learn to disconnect from the digital world even if it is temporary. It is about remembering that life goes on even if the digital world stops just for a moment. It is about allowing myself that time to be grounded, understand the core of who I am and refresh my mind before I dive back into “Best winged liner” videos.

Price wise TOME is reasonable. I will be honest at first I wondered if it was “worth it” and considered really if it was something I would use. Then I remembered all of the above and realised that you cant put a price on being connected, you cant put a price on love and you certainly cant put a price on time.

Discover TOME. Find out more. Order yourself one and ask yourself what does TOME mean to you?











Life’s too short to wear boring clothes 

Part 2 of my Guest Speaker Annoucement…so much for waiting a week I am just far too excited! 

Joining us in Manchester is
Jessica Millichamp – @jessontheplussize 

I came across Jess on Instagram a while back and instantly I wanted her to be my personal stylist. (Her clothes are insaneeee) 

I was just in awe of her style, her confidence and her all round fabulousness. 

Looking back at her posts and I was literally obsessed with her wardrobe! Seriously, she is breaking down all kinds of barriers when it comes to plus size fashion and is the epitome of stylish. She rocks various looks, styles and bright colours showing every single woman out there that fashion truly is an art. Oh and did I mention this girl does THE most incredible make up too! #goals 

I followed her a while and clearly she was body positive and encouraging people with every single post. One day she posted a picture of her and her husband and explained someone had made some negative comments. She told the story about how it made her feel and how she had turned her life around and with that I was sliding all up in her DM’s with tears rolling down my face singing her praises and telling her just how incredible she is…then BOOM!! I had a brainwave… Jess needed to be at #MyfatfunnyjourneyManchester . 

She needed a platform to share her story so people could be as moved and inspired by her as I was. I mean you can never have too many Jess’ in one place right! 😂💁🏽💁🏼 I asked her and I was absolutely elated when she agreed to make the journey across to Manchester to be apart of the day. 

Jess has recently launched a hashtag #mybeautifulbody encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies, to shout about how amazing they are and for us to come together and support each other. She’s truly an advocate for self love and she is a perfect addition to the stage in Manchester. 

As all the other guest speakers I asked Jess to write a little bit about herself and here is what she said. 

 ‘I’m Jess, a geordie lass, full of beans and all the good vibes! For most of my life I have hated so many things about my body and never thought I was worthy of love. 

There are many things along the way that have helped me change my attitude and become the bold, brave, beautiful woman that I am. I can’t wait to share my story with all of you lovely lot in the hope that I can inspire you on your own journeys of self love. Be warned, laughter is my medicine and I plan on giving you a big dose of the LOLs.’

To grab your tickets to meet Jess with me at Manchester on Sunday 15th October for some serious girl power and fashion tips click here

You spin me right round baby right round. 

Probably the MOST random title for this blog post but I promise you it will make sense. 

When I originally set up my events I didn’t want to be the only one speaking simply because not everyone was going to be able to relate to me because I haven’t experienced everything! I wanted people to attend to have someone they could listen  too whilst nodding their head in agreement so I decided I wanted other speakers to come too. People who inspire me all the time and ones who I admire. 

It took me all of 2 seconds to work out who I wanted to ask because sometimes there is just something about someone that draws you to them and these people are exactly that for me. 
Over the next 6 weeks I will be sharing the details of every speaker/panellist and how I connected with them. I cannot wait to share these stories with you and I absolutely cannot wait to share the stage with them. 

So…to introduce my first speaker…here goes…

Kaya Cansfield – @kayacansfield 

At the beginning of the year I posted a video on Facebook of me attending hands down the worse spin class ever, over 70,000 people watched me ranting about bike seat sore booty but cutting a very long story short my friend Fiona saw said video and popped me a message inviting me to another class and promised me it would change my life. She wasn’t wrong. 

Kaya was the teacher at this class and that was our first connection. Click here to read the full review. 

Kaya was incredible! She literally made me feel so liberated and so excited..and yes this was all whilst exercising!

The thing I noticed about Kaya was that even though I was excercising (my most favourite thing to do ever 😒) she had this infectious positivity and I could not stop smiling. I almost felt ovehelemed with emotion because she made me feel so incredible with every word that she said. 

I left the class and didn’t get a chance to talk to her and was asking my friend if she knew much about her. She told me Kaya was amazing (I obviously knew that now!) and that she had overcome a lot to be the positive inspiring person she is. 

I was desperate to know more about her and went home to frantically stalk Instagram so I could find her. I started talking to my husband about it and was going on and on about ‘this amazing instructor’ at Psycle London.  Trevor (who was actually listening for once) said ‘I know a girl who works there! Her names Kaya’ …my face (you can imagine) was a mix between elated because now I had a chance of contacting her and then a little bit psycho wondering how the F*ck he knew her! 😂 

It transpires that they went to school together! I mean seriously…WHAT ARE THE ODDS! They are friends on FB and with a friend request and a few messages later and I was connected to Kaya. 

She is everything I imagined her to be and more and with every post I read and every message we sent it pressed on my heart that I needed to have her at this event. She is exactly my guests needed, she was exactly what I needed. 

Words won’t describe how perfect this has turned out for me and the universe truly knew that myself and Kaya had to connect to deliver what we plan to at this event. I am truly honoured that Kaya has agreed to be apart of #MyFatFunnyJourney . 

I asked Kaya to write a little bit about her for the event and again – she didn’t disappoint. Here is what Kaya had to say…

‘I’m ALL about the good vibes and am a big advocate for self love and self worth, I truly believe thats why I am here, to pass on what I have learnt through life and promote the importance of self love. The most important relationship we have is with ourselves so lets look inwards, not outwards, embrace who we are and our vulnerability and spread it like wildfire, together ❤’

To meet Kaya, listen to her incredible Journey, have an opportunity to ask her questions and be apart of #MyFatFunnyJourney London grab your tickets by clicking here