Life’s too short to wear boring clothes 

Part 2 of my Guest Speaker Annoucement…so much for waiting a week I am just far too excited! 

Joining us in Manchester is
Jessica Millichamp – @jessontheplussize 

I came across Jess on Instagram a while back and instantly I wanted her to be my personal stylist. (Her clothes are insaneeee) 

I was just in awe of her style, her confidence and her all round fabulousness. 

Looking back at her posts and I was literally obsessed with her wardrobe! Seriously, she is breaking down all kinds of barriers when it comes to plus size fashion and is the epitome of stylish. She rocks various looks, styles and bright colours showing every single woman out there that fashion truly is an art. Oh and did I mention this girl does THE most incredible make up too! #goals 

I followed her a while and clearly she was body positive and encouraging people with every single post. One day she posted a picture of her and her husband and explained someone had made some negative comments. She told the story about how it made her feel and how she had turned her life around and with that I was sliding all up in her DM’s with tears rolling down my face singing her praises and telling her just how incredible she is…then BOOM!! I had a brainwave… Jess needed to be at #MyfatfunnyjourneyManchester . 

She needed a platform to share her story so people could be as moved and inspired by her as I was. I mean you can never have too many Jess’ in one place right! 😂💁🏽💁🏼 I asked her and I was absolutely elated when she agreed to make the journey across to Manchester to be apart of the day. 

Jess has recently launched a hashtag #mybeautifulbody encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies, to shout about how amazing they are and for us to come together and support each other. She’s truly an advocate for self love and she is a perfect addition to the stage in Manchester. 

As all the other guest speakers I asked Jess to write a little bit about herself and here is what she said. 

 ‘I’m Jess, a geordie lass, full of beans and all the good vibes! For most of my life I have hated so many things about my body and never thought I was worthy of love. 

There are many things along the way that have helped me change my attitude and become the bold, brave, beautiful woman that I am. I can’t wait to share my story with all of you lovely lot in the hope that I can inspire you on your own journeys of self love. Be warned, laughter is my medicine and I plan on giving you a big dose of the LOLs.’

To grab your tickets to meet Jess with me at Manchester on Sunday 15th October for some serious girl power and fashion tips click here


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