Our week with Hello Fresh 


Our week with Hello Fresh was…amazing!

I have known about the brand a long time but wasn’t ever really sure about it.It is one of those things that always seem like loads of money for something that is pretty simple – I mean its only dinner right?

My wonderful blogger friend (@mrshhayward) kindly  invited me to a cookery session at Hello Fresh kitchens in London to cook some recipes from their new book Recipies that Work. Obviously I jumped at the chance because I mean…it was food. Free food at that!

We had the most amazing time cooking and the team their are so passionate about what they do. We had the opportunity to meet Patrick…(who on of the ladies rightfully pointed out looks like someone from a Diet Coke advert) see pic below…(I mean concentrating on cooking was a serious issue)

Patrick from hello fresh.jpg
I made the prosciutto and prawn linguine and seeing just how simple it was (and how amazing it tasted) I was getting pretty convinced this really would be worth the money but was still not completely sold – I meant surely you still need things? What exactly is it you pay for?

Cooking with HF

So. We got our first box and we opted for a family box. At full price (if you don’t have a discount code) is £63.99 for four meals for four people. (one of the meals happily fed four adults when we took it away to my in laws) but would normally feed myself, Trevor, Sophia and a adult portion left over. This is aprox £15 per meal /£4 per head.

We didn’t choose the meals we had and I am pretty happy about this because if I had the choice I would choose things I was used to, food I felt was easy to make and “safe” options. Having a surprise really pushed us to try new meals and to have things we wouldn’t normally pick but were amazing all the same.

Our four meals for the week were Creamy Fish Curry, Creamy Chicken Curry, Beef Enchiladas and Chinese Chicken noodles. (There is no picture of the fish curry because I dived into it so quickly!! but it looked very similar to the chicken curry as pictured below)

Hello fresh creamy chicken curry


All the meals genuinely were really simple but so tasty! The one thing I loved the most was all the ingredients – measured to perfection and some in the cutest little pots! The novelty never wears off haha

Throughout the week myself and Sophia got more and more excited about what we were going to have and working together to get our dinner made. She became the chief Recipe instruction shouter and being so involved made her try things she wouldn’t normally. It was also a fab time for us to spend together cooking just us “big girls” whilst the baby napped.

Hello Fresh Chinese Chicken Noodles

Each recipe card had 6 steps and whilst there is a few mini steps in each of those it really is pretty simple!

We found the box really good value for money for us as a family as I only needed snacks and milk/bread with the weekly shop but nothing for dinners so we would spend around the same we would normally. Even if we had to spend a little more we found it worth it. It would of been a small price to pay for a huge much needed injection of excitement back into dinner and although we were still asking what was for dinner it was no longer a rummage through the fridge and cupboards and a tired pasta bake (nothing wrong with that but by the fourth night it gets a bit much). Instead it was a choice of four fabulous recipe cards with everything bagged up, measured and ready to go!

As long as you have Olive Oil, salt & pepper, some decent pots and pans and an appetite then this is for you.

Hello fresh beef enchiladas



What are the portion sizes like?

Really good and the beef enchiladas fed 4 adults ( 2 each plus salad)

Can you choose your meals?

I don’t believe you can but we enjoyed the surprise element however you can opt for a vegetarian box to ensure you have no meat/fish recipes.

Would you get it again?

Absolutely. Also persuaded my Parents, In laws and cousin to all try it!

Is it worth the money?

We thought so! Even more so if you can find a half price code. There are loads floating the internet and they also offer this on the first box so even better!

Is it a subscription, do you pay weekly or monthly?

You can subscribe and when you join you have an account online. The boxes are paid for on order but you can cancel at any time and this is a really simple and easy process.



Thanks for stopping By x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S – My favourite meal? The one when Trevor didn’t come home in time and I got to eat it all 🙂



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