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We have been to Legoland before (Summer 2017/Easter 2016) and have always used the 241 on sweet packets or cereal boxes! However this time round we were kindly gifted tickets to Legoland Windsor so decided to pop over on Monday 4th May – it was a day most schools were due back to school so we’re hoping it would be quiet…..ermmmm not quite! There was a local inset day and it was BUSY! So first tip…

GET THERE EARLY! Check the opening times for the day your going and try and get there 20/30 minutes before opening so you can park and get to the gates/tickets sorted! (Also if your kids are anything like mine it takes 786,766,767 minutes to get out the car, bags out, buggy sorted and actually start walking away from the car!

Whilst in the queue we downloaded the Legoland app which I massively recommend! We used it mainly to see the queue times and it was really handy because it also told you ride restrictions which meant we didn’t waste time heading to rides Sophia was unable to get on!

The App

If you search for the app it is free to download and looks like this…

Legoland app

We quickly realised on such a busy day that the queue times were getting longer and longer and we began to panic. (Sophia really doesn’t do well in queues longer than 30 minutes). For the majority of the rides they were under this but the main rides (Ninjago/The Dragon and Drivers School) were all 60-90 minutes.

Q Bot/Fast Pass

Legoland have a fast pass system called Q bot. Easiest way to explain is that the device queues for you so you don’t have to! There are three levels to it and I will explain below.
For all levels you have two options – to go to the Q bot webpage and use the app OR get a device that is basically like a hue tamagotchi! (Hopefully I’m not the only one who knows what that is!)

Q Bot regular. This is £20 per person and on the app or device you simply reserve a slot for the ride. You then go to the ride at the allotted time given which is the standard queue time. You go through the Q bit entrance and go straight on. For example the queue time for Dragon is 60 minutes, you reserve on your device at 2pm and it gives you a 3pm slot.
Q bot express. This is £35 per person and does exactly the same as above HOWEVER it cuts out queue time in half. The process is exactly the same however if the queue time for Dragon was 60 minutes and your reserved at 2pm you would receive a slot at 2:30.

They then have Q bot ultimate…this is £80 per person and erm well…I’m not even gonna explain it because I don’t know anyone who would pay that amount!

The device looks like this..

Legoland Q bot device

We were kindly gifted the Q bot express but I can hand on heart say going back we will purchase this pass as it was amazing! We managed all the major rides in a couple of hours and never had to stand in line as the device did it for us! So rather than queuing we had drinks and ice cream and then headed to our ride at the ride time.

The Q bot only lets you reserve one ride at a time so my biggest tip is as sooooon as you get to go on the ride they scan you bot and it clears it! BOOK your next ride! By the time you have ridden, got your stuff and headed out – you won’t have much time to wait til your next ride!


In true Jess style I went to the supermarket the day before to grab bits to make packed lunch and left it all at home ? Water bottles/snacks the lot!

We purchased a few bottles of water at the petrol station on route and everything else we bought there.

There are various restaurants there however we opted for the pizza / pasta all you can eat because…it’s all you can eat! It is £14.95 per adult and £9.95 per child which also included ice cream and drinks. It was a little pricey but if you have been on an all inclusive holiday before then you kinda know what your getting.

We are at 12:30 and it seemed to be peak time for the buffet however after 1:30 it became considerably quieter!

Apart from this the only purchases we made were a large Fanta, an extra large slush and a tub of candy floss at one of the little concession stands and this came to £9.95. (After you have been to Disney on i e and paid £9 for ONE candy floss this price didn’t seem too bad!

Changing facilities / Toilets 

These were clean/tidy and there are so many that we never had to queue! The baby changing rooms were big and had an adult toilet in too so plenty of space to deal with multiple children!

If your anything like me then just pack your antibac wipes just in case but they seemed to be cleaned regularly with no overflowing bins etc.

(We used the toilets by the Dragon ride twice)

Parent Swap 

Parent swap is common in most theme parks and the idea is if you have a smaller child or baby unable to go on a ride but an older child who can the you simply queue as normal and ask for parent swap when you get to the front. They will then ask parent 1 and child riding to hop and and parent 2 and baby/smaller child to stand aside. When parent 1 and child 1 return – parents simply swap places!

It’s fab – Sophia got to ride everything twice and we both got to experience the rides with her which was great!
All in all – Legoland is fab! It’s brilliant for Sophia’s age (5) and height (1.1m) as she pretty much could go on everything and the rides are so engaging and incredible!

Dragon is a Legoland classic rollercoaster and the newer rides like Ninjago are super interactive and 3D!

We are certainly heading back with 241 vouchers in hand and will be purchasing the Q bot express again!

So in summary – our top 5 tips would be!

1. Get there early!

2. Don’t forget your packed lunch! If you want to eat there just take drinks and lights snacks!

3. If you can stretch the £££ grab a Q bot! Express was brilliant and halved all the waiting time meaning more rides! (Sophia went on Ninjago three times!)

4. Don’t forget the shows! Check the times and head over to the pirate shows! They are brilliant and really break up the day to have 5 minutes sat down!

5. Enjoy yourselves!! The kids will scream and you will threaten to go home a good few times in the day but ultimately it is a fantastic day out and a real treat for all the family.
Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S – Trevor screamed way more than Sophia did on the rides!

Legoland Ninjago 3D


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