Bethnal & Bec – Luxury Adult Retreat 

Bethnal & Bec – Luxury – Bathroom

Bethnal & Bec is a luxury adults retreat in Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire! Of all places!

When looking for anything even remotely like this you normally have to travel way down south or up north and for a couple that live in the middle of the country that can be a pain! It was the first night I was leaving Isabella so didn’t want to be too far so this location was perfect as it was only 45 minutes from my In laws where Bella would be!

We arrived at Bethnal & Bec using the instructions on the confirmation email and NOT on the sat nav! These are invaluable and you will find it straight away – sat nav won’t help lol

You receive a code to open a main door and then a code for a key safe right outside tour room (Bec on the left and Bethnal on the right). As soon as we walked in we both went ‘wow’. Pictures don’t quite do the venue justice (including my pics as I’m not the best photographer)

Bethnal and Bec Luxury resort – Bec

There was everything you needed AND more! The lights you see in the above picture were programmed by the I pad left on the side board (I was pretty amazed by this!)

The TV had Spotify/Netflix and everything else you could imagine so we popped on some music and started looking around.

The kitchenette and fridge are fully stocks and there are clear instructions as to what is charagable and what isn’t. They work on an honesty payment system and everything is really reasonably priced. Loads of items from small brands that are really unique and well worth the money.

Bethnal & Bec Luxury retreat – Side Board / Snacks

The side board is FULL of incredible treats you can choose and pay for including for your dog! (Obviously if you take the dog with you ha!)

There is a beautiful wood burning oven which I imagine in the winter would be an absolute TREAT!

The bathroom is UNREAL! As you can see from the first pic the bath is insane and is specifically for 2 people! We also purchased the bathbomb that was left in the bathroom for £2 although the bottle of bath bubbles are free of charge.

Bethnal & Bec – Bathroom

The taps! Honestly it sounds so silly but the taps are just amazing and are such funky little touches! You are provided with towels, Bathrobes & slippers (you can’t take them with you!) There is a huge over head shower next to the bath and a wet room floor.

Bethnal & Bec – Hot tub

The outdoor space is equally as lovely as the inside! With an amazing hot tub and a BBQ, sun loungers, table and chairs and even an outdoor game! We sat and had an amazing mini BBQ with the BBQ pack from the artisan panty list. Whilst we were sat outside the resident chickens all came round for a walk (don’t worry it is fenced off so they don’t literally come up to you!)

It was incredible to see them! Although we felt slightly bad having actual chicken on the BBQ at the time and I’m sure their clucks were calling me names! #sozbabe

Bethnal & Bec – Outside Space

We went to Bethnal & Bec because we needed the break as well as it being my birthday! I guess like any couple the reality of the amount of chaos that can occur in day to day like really put a strain on our relationship and we needed to go to have that space, put things into perspective and ultimately just reconnect and it really is the place for that!

The cost to stay is £195 per night (Sunday – Thursday 1 night minimum stay) £350 for 2 nights and £425 for 3 nights (any additional nights/longer stays costs can be discussed with owners)

I can honestly say it is worth every penny of £195! I mean considering I just paid £92 for a travelodge for my mums party!! I would stay at B&B over and over. The value for money not only for the venue itself but the service is crazy. Vicky & Chris truly have thought of every single detail.

When we first arrived there was a happy birthday sign outside in the car port. I mean something so small but every detail is considered and you can see that they truly have out their hers into creating this awesome space.

There is something special when there are personal touches, when you know the creators of the space truly love it (and they are only a few yards away should you need anything!)

There are additional packages you can chose to add prior to going or on the night! For example the movie package which is sooo much fun! You get a blooming popcorn machine to pop your own popcorn! There is an awesome pull down screen in front of the bed and unlimited Netflix!

All in all I can’t recommend Bethnal & Bec enough. Everything even down to the names of it is personal to both Vicky & Chris and there is something truly special about that.

If you do want to go then they have kindly provided me with a code that will get you a beautiful hamper on arrival which will include drinks, snacks and Aveda products too! Use code FUNNYONE to claim.

If you need a break, if you need to reconnect, if you just want to escape reality without a ridiculous drive (if your local) then head to Bethnal & Bec. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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P.S – Reconnect is an understatement ?


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