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Camp Bestival


We went. We survived and we are going again next year! Most people have heard of Bestival and Camp Bestival is like the little sister version for families! It is created by the same incredible couple Rob & Josie and is a family friendly all round festival.

Now I have to admit, I had no idea about either (never been to a festival in my life) and apart from knowing of Glastonbury I hadn’t really heard of many. My lovely friend Ruth @rockandrollerbaby introduced me to the CB world and after looking at the line up and reading others experiences we were pretty hooked although there was this little thing we needed to address – we had to camp.

I looked at glamping but our budget wouldn’t stretch so we decided to go all out and proper camp, I mean proper camp – outside and everything.

To get our camping stuff we headed straight for a brand we associated with outdoors and that was Regatta. Hearing about the fact we had NO idea what we were doing they Kindly gifted us the essentials for any camping trip. Now I appreciate we were generously gifted these items but they were ALL in the sale, all fantastically priced and all great value for money.

We booked and paid for camping plus which was £155 (inc booking fee).This is in addition to you purchasing your general admission/weekend tickets. This meant we booked to be directly opposite our friends (@kikiblahblah) so we could all pitch together and be together for the weekend. You are guaranteed your pitch, can pre choose it and park slightly closer to your camping area than general camping. There are also more toilets/shower cubicles and a little pop up grocery shop if you need to grab any other essentials you may have forgotten.

Once I had fully accepted we were actually going to be sleeping in a tent. Outside in the wilderness (and by wilderness I mean the ground of Lulworth castle) I needed to do some research as to how and why and what kind of tent we needed (ideally one that was self pitching but apparently these don’t exist)

We chose this one and it was fab! Easy to pitch (says 20 minutes on the bag but took us about an hour and half sooooo any regular person it would probably take 20-30 minutes)


Regatta Tent – Camp Bestival

Regatta tent – camp Bestival

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Other camping essentials included the following:

Please note all items from Regatta are gifted however all other items were purchased by us from the places as listed below.

  • Blow up bed / Double – Regatta
  • Single Stove cooker – Regatta
  • Gas cylinders – Amazon £4.99
  • Steel Cooking Tray (already had at home)
  • Cook set (pots) – Regatta
  • Cooking Utensils – (already had at home)
  • Panda Children’s Sleeping bag – Aldi £14.99
  • Cool Bag – Regatta
  • Cool Box – Aldi £19.99
  • Quilts & Pillows (already had at home)
  • 20l Water carrier  – Regatta
  • Camping Chairs – Clas Ohlson 2 for £9.99
  • Fairy Lights – Home Sense £4.99
  • Electric pump – Sainsburys £4.99
  • Chargeable Lantern – Regatta
  • Tent Carpet – Aldi £27.99
  • Steel Kettle – Regatta
  • Kitchen Roll/Toilet Roll

When it came to food my biggest tip with food as given to me by Ruth was to freeze as much as you possibly can including Milk and Bacon (for brekkie). This guaranteed it would stay suitably cold for at least 2 days as it defrosted which was fab! We also froze Capri Suns and popped them into the cool box and bag as they acted like ice blocks but were fab cold drinks too once defrosted! Essential items and easy things to take are:

  • Cooking Oil/Food.
  • Hot Chocolate/Tea/Coffee/Sugar
  • Giant Marshmallows & Skewers
  • Good Freezer stock meals that can defrost over time – Chilli/Curry etc
  • Pasta & Stir in Sauce
  • Bacon/Eggs/Bread Rolls
  • Porridge Pots (You just add hot water)

I was surprised at just how easy it was to cook and have a decent meal so you can get super creative with anything. We found this the best value for money too as reality is the food stalls are a little more than what you would pay on average so it can be expensive to eat out every single day however we ate out twice and cooked the rest of the time to keep spending down.

The absolute best purchase we made for the whole week had to be the WAGON! My GOODNESS! Best £124.99 I have ever spent.

We purchased ours on Amazon and after reading several reviews and knowing the weather was going to be hot we decided on the Crotec with a sun shade/cover. The wagon is HUGE and fit both kids in (and someone else kids) and is the best thing for tired children in the evening. Everything is pretty far from each other especially for little legs so I would absolutely recommend getting a wagon if possible. CB do also have a wagon competition on the Saturday morning and there are some cracking entries but for us just some fairy lights and flowers were fine!

The wagon is also essential for going from the car to your pitch! I would also take bungee cables or ties with you so you are able to tie everything down and pile it up to avoid making more than one trip to your car as this can be quite a trek from your tent.

Festival wagon / Crotec purple – Amazon

Festival wagons

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In terms of clothes and what to wear at night we were fortunate the weather (for the first few days) had been super hot so I packed the following for the children for night time/evening:

Isbaella (5 months) – Vests and Sleepsuit & Dressing Gown and a thin (but warm) Hat. Bella Co sleeps with me so I didn’t put the hat on or dressing gown mosts nights as it gets quite warm with body heat and we shared out double duvet.

Sophia (5 years) – Onsie OR full arm/leg PJs with socks. Fleece Dressing gown with hood and extra blanket to go on top of the sleeping bag.

Apart from night wear we packed everything else that was sparkly, dressing up or had glitter on for during the day!

Camp Bestival always have a fancy dress day on the Saturday and this years theme was ” under the sea”. I wore a sequinned dress and Sophia went as her current favourite Disney Character Moana (as pictured)

Camp Bestival – Fancy Dress

Moana Fancy Dress

Once of the main things I LOVED about CB was the family atmosphere and that they really had thought of every little detail to keep both parents and children entertained. We didn’t even scrape the surface with all the activities we could of done or shows we could of seen!

Some of our highlights (Sophia’s mainly)included Mr Tumble LIVE, Dinasoars Live, LOL surprise dolls and of course Clean Bandit who headlined on the Saturday night. We missed Dick & Dom show but managed to meet them backstage! (all pictured below)

Camp Bestival – Dinosaur Live

Camp Bestival – Mr Tumble

Camp Bestival – Clean Bandit

Dick & Dom

The only point I wasn’t really sure what was going on and if I was in the right place was when Rick Astley had Mary Berry playing the drums…yes you have read that right and at the time I wasn’t quite sure I heard it right but the next day low and behold this image appeared on the Camp Bestival instagram!…


Camp Bestival – Rick Astley & Mary Berry

We were Kindly invited by @doresetcerelas to attend a lush breakfast hosted by the wonderful Nat @stylemesunday and got to get all glittered up by @jingoevents!

Warrior woman -@stylemesunday

Nat had also Kindly asked me to be on the panel for an amazing warrior woman talk on Sunday morning where we were going to talk all things body positive and then walk through the festival to the castle in our Bikinis! Unfortunately due to severe weather conditions CB had to close on the Sunday a day early so we missed out on having the opportunity to do this however do have a look out for any further events coming in the future! (The panel was too powerful not to ever happen!)

All in all we had the most incredible time at CB. I would HIGHLY recommend it to families who want to experience a festival in a great location and have everything for the kids to be entertained. It is such great value for money and if you can cook/prep as much as possible then you won’t need to spend too much whilst your there.

One of the ways we added up how great value it was was calculating the individual cost of days out and then seeing each of the acts in concert and it comes to way over the ticket fee for CB!

We will certainly be there next summer and hope to see you there too!

Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Fat Funny One x

P.S 2019 pre sale/tickets are on sale so to secure yours click here.

If you have any further questions or want to know a bit more about camping as I haven’t covered it please do not hesitate to drop me an email or contact me through the contact page on here.


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