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Being a second time mum I feel like I am a little bit more prepared for teething than I was originally. Although you would think I would be a pro first time round because Sophia was born with a tooth! (Yes you read that right – full on born with a tooth!)

However I wasn’t an expert at all and tried everything and anything that was suggested to me but eventually we found the things that worked for us so this time round although it feels like this has come round far quicker than before we feel far more prepared.

Regardless, the best bit of advice given to me was that there is no right or wrong with teething. Every baby is different, when they cut their first tooth or others come through, what their symptoms are and how they will react. Whilst there is a rough guideline of when teeth will come through this can vary so don’t worry too much if things aren’t happening the same time as friends children, family or even other children you already have.

Here are some of our top tips for teething and things that helped Sophia (first born age 6) and we have started doing with Isabella (nearly 6 months).

Ice Ice Baby 

Anything cold seemed to work a treat for Sophia. She had a dummy occasionally but certainly more so when she was teething and we used to pop it in the freezer so when she wanted it it was lovely and cold to calm her gums as they would get quite inflamed.

Jelly Baby 

I remember often ringing my mum and being like what the heck do I do! She suggested Teething gel as she used this with me and my younger brother. We got the Nelson teething Gel and this seems to work a treat! I remember her not being best pleased with us popping it in but once we managed to get some on her gums she seemed to calm down.

Bib’idy bobidy boo.

Dribble bibs are an absolute must. One of the main symptoms of teething especially for Sophia was dribbling and she would absolutely soak through her clothes! Dribble bibs were perfect and heavily lined to help protect clothes and necks! Sophia was a little chunk as is Isabella so the dribbles would often go into the folds of her neck and get a little sore so Bibs and trying to keep clothes as dry as possible is a must.

Toy Story 

Teething toys are brilliant and like the dummy we often popped them in the freezer or fridge to be cold so they were really soothing. Old school teething rings were brilliant – biggest tip is to have them on a dummy clip so they don’t fall on the floor and baby/toddler can have them to hand.


I am a bit more excited this time round as there are loads of lovely teething toys/items that are now made into great accessories including bracelets and necklaces for mums. These are always quite nice colours and styles but are perfect for teething babies! Like the tip above if your wearing them you are less likely to forget them at home and will always have them to hand.

And last but not least our Holy Grail of the teething solutions, also known in our house as Magic Dust.

Nelsons Teething Granules were a god send! Another mum from a baby group recommended them and we purchased ours from our local supermarket but you can pretty much get them anywhere from most Lloyd pharmacies or high street shops like boots. As we had used a Nelsons product before we were happy to try these and they were amazing. I remember getting to a point where when we started opening the sachets Sophia would get so excited – probably knowing that she was about to get some relief from the irritation.


These things helped us immensely and whilst pregnant I stocked up on Nelsons teething Gel and Granules because I knew we would be using them. Bella has had a few sachets of the Granules already and like her sister is loving them.

Teething is tough not only for baby but for parents too so I would always say prepare and have some things ready for when the time comes – this includes chocolate and coffee!

For more information on Nelsons products and teething click here

Nelsons also have a fab Facebook Teetha @NelsonsBabyUK community with common questions asked, more product info and hints and tips.

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N:B This post is in paid partnership with Nelsons Teething Granules however all thoughts and experiences mentioned above are my own.




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