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Having a new baby is exciting and I don’t know if this is everyone but when I was pregnant with my first daughter Sophia (6) I just wanted to shop! I wanted to buy every single product that said it would help, it was for babies, because everyone else had one and just “because” but I soon realised that there was a whole heap of stuff I bought and didn’t need and things I didn’t buy that would of made my life far easier!

Over the course of the five years we had sold or given to friends and family the things we had bought for Sophia so when pregnant with Isabella (7m) we were completely starting again from scratch.  This time round I was a little more reluctant to spend as much and as quickly – which is strange because financially I was in a better position that when pregnant with Sophia at 22. I was then working as a temp in HR and in a Yates (yes a real life Yates) in the evenings to make up some extra dollar so my wanting to buy everything was tough but I made it work. I got things second hand – gumtree and facebook groups were a god send and family and friends gifted us fairly big purchases to help us out. I bought as much as I could because it made me feel like I was going to be the best mum in the land – I mean everyone needs a machine to warm wipes right? * face palm*

Things like Pushchairs, Car Seats, Nappies and wipes are obviously essential so I won’t be covering those things but will be covering some different items that I feel have been great value for money, that have genuinely made my life easier and are some what ‘extras’ when buying the things you need for your baby!

** Please note none of these items have been sponsored or are paid ads. Some where gifted and will be marked accordingly but I was under no obligation to post about them and would not recommend them if I didn’t feel they were worth the money. None of the links below are affiliate links. 

So..Here goes..

Baby Bathing 

I remember when I said I wanted a baby bath and my mum was all “whats wrong with the sink?” and I kinda got it but I still wanted a bath.

1 – Snuggle Baby bath/ £24.95 . I love this bath! Its suitable up to 12 months (However I imagine this depends on the size of your baby). Bella really loves her seat and I feel confident bathing her and she can’t slip down or move. I also used it in the summer outside as a little pool for her to sit in and it worked a treat.  I have linked the item for John Lewis as I found it on here just now for £19.99.

Click here to shop / @shnuggle

Isabella in the Shnuggle bath

2 – My Babiiechanging/Bathing Unit – £100 (Gifted) . I recommend this unit especially for c section mum. This was Kindly gifted to us from My Baibee and I can’t express enough that for someone recovering from a section although standing was hard this product was absolutely brilliant because I would not of been able to lean over the bath or bend to bathe Isabella. It is £100 and that is a bit of a splash but I can hand on heart say I would of bought it because the difference of being able to bathe your baby whilst recovering from a section. Trevor also suffers with a bad back following a bad car accident a few years ago so this was brilliant for him too.

I realise we don’t have any pics of me using it (opps) and we have since taken it down now she is bigger so can’t snap but have links below and popped the brand pic here.

Click here to shop / @mybabiieofficial

Unknown 2

MyBabiie floral changing station



3 – Groeggs / £14.99 . These are fab and I bought one when I had Sophia which we then sold on facebook a few years later. We were kindly gifted one for Isabella and I was over the moon because I know how good they are. For the price they are brilliant. They are to check the temperature of the bedroom where baby is and the light indicates whether the room is too cold/hot etc and displays the temperature of the room. I just found it reassuring because I always used to panic about putting her in the right amount of clothes – will she be warm enough? Have I put too many layers? This helped!

The colour codes also match up with a chart to tell you what clothing is appropriate, this falls nicely into my next essential. 

Click here to shop / @thegrocompany

4 – Grobag / From £25.00 .   With the Groegg the chart tells you. the tog of the sleeping bag to use! It is great. Both the kids kick off blankets so the sleeping bags are fab. My mother in law actually bought us a new one in packaging from a charity shop local to her for Isabella but it was 18-36 months. Grocompany Kindly gifted us the 6-18 month size suitable for Bella. We had previously purchased 3 for Sophia in various sizes and togs when she was small.

Click here to shop / @thegrocompany

5 – Chicco – Next2mecrib – £179.99. We purchased ours from Argos when they had a sale and it was £139.99 which was great. We didn’t have this for Sophia and my gosh I wish we had because I cannot express how lovely it is to just roll over to pic the baby up! We love ours and got it in grey with stars. I have managed to find a link to it where it is currently £149.99 in mother care. 

Click here to shop. / @chicco_international


6 – Rockit / £39.99 (gifted) Now this is a product that I remember seeing at an event and was offered one and I said no. I genuinely couldn’t understand why anyone would want a machine that rocks your buggy? Like seriously? Just rock it yourself, its not that hard…well of course it isn’t but then I used it…and now I swallow my words! I packed it on holiday and it was a god send when you want to relax in the evening maybe at the dinner table or in the evening entertainment and the constant one hand eating one arm rocking is just too much! You simply clip it to your buggy and it rocks it for you…honestly one of those items your like YASS (once you get it lol). it has various settings and it so simple to use, the batteries last forever too (don’t think we have changed them since getting it in May)

Click here to shop / @rockitrocker


7 – Gummee Glove / £10 . Teething baby? You need one of these. I actually hadn’t heard of the brand until I met Jodine (create and owner) at an event and she showed me the glove and it genuinely is brilliant! Isabella chews her hands when she’s teething like most children but her little pegs scratch her hands and this glove you just pop on it has various different textures for your baby to chew. I don’t have to worry about her hands getting sore now and it even comes with a little fabric wallet to pop it in. Jodine literally created it following her son chewing his hands til they got sore.

Click here to shop / @gummeemummee

Jodine has also created this glove for children with additional needs and it comes in various sizes. It really is a fab product and I love when items are created by other parents. Jodine kindly gifted me this to try but I have since bought two (In mother care I believe) for a friend and for Isabella to leave at her grandparents)

8 – Large Muslins Bullabaloo / £14.95. Muslins are a given anyway and with Sophia we had so many so I started buying loads with Isabella knowing they were an absolute essential BUT never a large one til I came across these from Bullabaloo. Blankets/Swaddles/Muslin/Wipe/Sarong lol you can literally use them for anything and they are so so soft. My biggest thing was if they wash well as muslins always end up weird after a few washes but these are great! After raving about them in the school playground every school run there are flashes of pink sheep or turquoise rabbits and everyone says the same.

Click here to shop / @bullabaloobaby

9 – Zipusin / From £29.99 . This is such an amazing invention and I am gutted I didn’t find it during pregnancy! How many of us have spent a fortune on maternity coats? A coat you will wear heavily pregnant and thats it! Zipusin have coats as well as just the extra panel to clip in to your current coat to give you room for bump OR to cover baby if you wear your baby in a sling. It is so clever! I have both the extra panel for coats I have already and then they Kindly gifted me a full winter coat – which I have actually taken the panel out of and wear on its own because I love it so much LOL. Very good sizing – I am a 16 and the coat is the most perfect fit even without the panel and great quality 

Click here to shop / @zipusin

Zipusin Panel



10 –  Diono Buggy Buddy / £7 . My mother in law is a childminder and swears by this so I grabbed the one she had from Amazon. BEST invention. You velcro it to the handles of your pushchair and you can pop a drink, phone, change, purse, wipes etc inside without having to keep going under the buggy or digging through a changing bag. Makes life easier. Surprisingly given its only held on with velcro I could put a bottle of water and other bits in and it held quite well.

I know you could probably pop things in the folded hood of the buggy but I cannot tell you how many times I popped my phone in there, forgot and then pulled the hood out and smash! For £7 this was a bargain and well worth it.

Click here to shop / @diono


I hope you enjoyed those recommendations. As explained this may not be “essential” but they certainly have made my life easier and if its one thing you need when you have kids…it is making your life easier!

If you have any fab hacks or must haves never hesitate to contact me and let me know – if it saves time, energy or gets them to sleep then let me know ASAP.

Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S The Diono can’t hold the wait of a full size bottle of wine. Not that I have tried it or anything…


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