The Sky is the limit

When we are born we are born with no expectations, no hang ups, no worries – well apart from where our next feed is coming from but that’s it. Over time we are quite literally programmed to become the people we are with the mindsets that we do. More and more recently I have been considering just how limiting my beliefs have been, how many times have I laughed at one of my ridiculous ideas or written something off because obviously it was “never going to happen” – but why wouldn’t it happen?

Right now I am currently in a metal tin, flying through the sky. I can see clouds out my window because I am soaring above them and in less than 45 minutes I will be in another part of the country. There was a time where THIS was impossible, where this was an absolutely ridiculous idea but here I am, flying in a dam orange aeroplane.

Have you ever wondered if we all continued to limit what we believe is possible what the world would be like? I am no history buff and I am pretty shocking at general knowledge so needless to say I won’t quote names (because I will totally get them wrong) but everything from cars and engines, aeroplanes and tv, touch screen phones and lifts in tall buildings (even the tall buildings) these are all things that are completely normal to us, expected – some may even say “average things” but they are truly incredible when you really begin to think about it and they were all created by someone. Someone thought about these things and now they exist.

I once took Sophia to the science musem and regretted it when she started asking me how everything worked and I had virtually no idea but she was constantly saying WOOOW and THAT’S AMAZING at everything she saw. She was so in awe of things I deemed so simple worked and after a while I wondered how did I grow out of that? When did I stop seeing just how wonderful and incredible the world around me is.

The more I started asking myself these sorts of questions and the further in my road to self love and discovery I realised that there is no reason why I can’t achieve even a tiny bit of some of the incredible people before me have. There are people who have overcome and accomplished some of the most unbelievable things and not because they were handed opportunities, had a head start or were born into a world different to ours. The only difference between them and anyone else was their mindset.

Barrack Obama. I only have to type his name and it sends shivers down my spine. Can you even imagine how insane people thought he was when he set out to be the first black president of the United States of America? We often don’t see just how crazy that is, especially in the UK I don’t think many people really and truly understand the enormity of it but there he was, all up in that white house running the country.

How many times has someone dismissed your idea? How many times has someone not even had the opportunity to dismiss your idea because you wrote it off before you could even tell anyone. What makes you so different that you can’t do it?

I can’t pin point what point it was in my life when I stopped believing I was limitless. I know that between the ages of 0-7years children absorb everything in their conscious and sub conscious mind and no matter what you tell them they will believe it. You tell a 4 year old they have the power to fly and they have nothing that tells them otherwise.

Part of my belief in myself and the change in my mindset has been because I have gone back to a somewhat childlike state, living in the world created in my head of limitless opportunities.

What is it about you that you feel is so different to other people that you can’t achieve greatness? There are people who started with less money than you, less time than you, less opportunity, less everything and they did it and they continue to do it every single day.

Success and Greatness are defined by you. Both of those may look different to you than they will to other people and that is perfectly ok, it doesn’t make yours any less valid. It took me a long time to work out what success meant to me because I had spent so much time looking at everyone else’s versions of it. I used to be the person who would say things like ‘I don’t aspire to be rich I just want to be comfortable’. It is only now I realise how much is wrong with this statement.

I mean 1. What is rich? How much money actually makes you rich? 2. What is this fake humility I am trying to project? And 3. It is actually my limiting belief that I am unable to GET rich that is fuelling this statement.

There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to achieve what you want to, however that looks for you. There are hundred of thousands of people who were told that their ideas were awful, that they were no good at what they are doing and they may aswell give up. Some of those people are the most successful people in the world now. I mean can you believe someone sacked Oprah once? Like really! It’s Oprah, but even she wasn’t always ‘Oprah’. There was a time (a long time) she was an ambitious dreamer who simply had a vision for her life.

There are people now being told their ideas are rubbish, being sacked from their jobs, being turned down for the role and not getting the yes that they are looking for. One of those people may be you, one of them certainly is me BUT it is our mindset that will determine whether we are people who take no for an answer and continue living as they are OR we join the Oprahs & Obama’s of the world and we keep going til we get the life we want, we deserve and that is rightfully ours.

You are more capable than you think and you are going to do great things problem is I am not the one who needs convincing of that – it’s you.

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The Fat funny One x

P.S – Can you believe there was a time we had no idea who Beyonce was?


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