From the moment they are born we can’t wait for the milestones to begin. They start crawling, walking, running, talking we literally cannot wait. Sophia didn’t crawl the same time as others in her peer group or children at her baby group and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried (and a little jealous) however that was until she started moving and I realised this was far more effort than I realised.

She was into EVERYTHING. Oh my goodness. I had no idea just how much and there were so many things I didn’t even consider a problem or a risk that suddenly became dangerous – my small little flat suddenly seemed like a death trap at every corner!

My mother in law is a childminder and came round one weekend and literally child proofed our flat. From coffee table corner protectors to cupboard locks, she came and sorted us right out but some kids still seem to get into whatever they want!

Working with P & G on this campaign is so important to me. We have been customers of Fairy since the beginning of time and wouldn’t trust anything else on the kids clothes but the fact they have taken a hold on ensuring they do as much as they can to protect those little investigating hands is even better.

Media campaigns with warnings was just the start and they have been helpful to remember to put things up high or to make sure items are behind locked cupboards but we don’t always remember these things – I mean when your up to your neck in washing it’s easy to forget but they have also invested in their packaging too ensuring that the boxes are that bit more tricky to get into with a ‘Child lock system’ and dual action opening mechanism.

Having a 5 year age gap meant I kind of forgot how much you need to child proof everything and Isabella has recently started crawling which was a sharp reminder of how much I need to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep her safe.

With four of us in the house I am constantly washing clothes (who isn’t) and recently I posted about the danger sit down you do half way through the laundry and then can’t bring yourself to finish it and SO many of you agreed! It has been yet another behaviour shift for me to remember to close the lid on the pods, to ensure I am putting things away in the cupboards or up high (this is a struggle for me as I am only 5’1) but its so important because I now have a tiny curious small human all over again!

Best way to keep your small ones safe is to ensure the following:

  • You always click the lid shut
  • Keep your pods up high or in a closed cupboard
  • Do a walk around your house on your hands and knees and work out what may potentially be a danger to your little ones
  • Don’t do any washing

OK so clearly joking with the last one but honestly – the more research I do and the more I read about it I realise just how important this message really it.

Always do what you can to make sure the pack is kept out of reach of children and whilst it may be such a simple message it has been one I have forgotten in the past. I don’t want to learn the hard way and want to help spread the message so no one has too.

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