Top tips for travelling to Las Vegas

Vegas! The Disneyworld for adults (although actual Disney is equally for adults too!) it is one of the most surreal places I have ever travelled to and certainly one of the most memorable.

Whilst I was away on my most recent trip (a 3 night weekend stay) I received so many questions in regards to hotels, what to do, places to eat and even how to get from the airport to your hotel! So I thought I would pop it all in here to help!

Travelling Around

When you arrive at the airport there is a huge taxi rank where there will either be taxis waiting or they will arrive within minutes. Depending on your hotel and how far down the strip this shouldn’t cost you more than $20. When travelling around the strip and Vegas itself Taxi’s are ALWAYS available outside hotels but be prepared to tip and have cash ready as very few took contact-less or card payments.

Alternatively you can use Uber if you prefer or haven’t got any cash on you and this will be slightly cheaper. Many of the hotels have a designated area for Ubers to collect and drop off. You can then plan journeys and know how much your spending prior to getting in. They also have Lyft which I think is similar to Uber but much more american based than used in the UK.

There is a public bus system which we used the first time to travel to the shopping outlets. The bus stops are super easy to understand and run along the strip. They were aprox $12 for a day bus pass and you can hop on and off as much as you wanted (they are all super Air conditioned too!)

Where to stay?

Gosh if there is one thing Vegas is NOT short of – its places to stay! I have stayed at the Cosmopolitan and the Aria on separate occasions (they are next door to each other) and they sit in the middle of the strip.

Vegas offers everything from a basic Motel to a luxury penthouse in a 5* hotel. Your budget and what you are comfortable spending will determine which you choose but either way you are free to gamble, party and visit ALL hotels on the strip as you please. Some facilities will be only for guests i.e Swimming pools etc but you are normally able to pay for day passes and pool parties if you want to attend

Cosmo & Aria were both incredible hotels with great facilities, large rooms and good service – I would happily recommend both.

My biggest advice would be to ask what it is you are looking for? If you want to be centre strip go for a hotel there like Cosmo or Aria, if you want good location but slightly cheaper look at New York New York or the Excalibur. If you want luxury and a good location then I would look at the Bellagio or for serious top dollar luxury but further away from the strip look at The Wynn.

Indoor gondola at the Venetian

Eating Out

You can eat as cheaply or as expensive as you want in Vegas. $500 steak is not rare (see what I done there!) but you can also stuff your face for £10 too (or grab a Mcdonald’s)

We had one incredibly luxurious dinner at Prime in the Bellagio and ate dinner outside behind the fountains. For 4 adults the bill came to $600 (including tip) which was incredibly expensive and was only one course!! However, the service, the view and the experience was a once in a life time and I would tell everyone to try to eat there – just start saving about a year before.

Hot’n’Saucy was another incredible restaurant. Seafood dumped in front of you in huge bags!! Was very tasty, not too expensive for drinks and in the middle of the strip (located just behind Mcdonald’s/Opposite Cosmopolitan) . A little bit on the pricey side for Lobster but all other seafood was reasonable. I would recommend getting there early and booking as it is very popular and at 7pm onward there is a queue outside.

Cheesecake Factory is another absolute win and they do so much (not just cheesecake). The first time I went there I have a Vegan Cobb Salad and it was honestly the best salad I have ever had. The food & service is good, it is also fairly well priced.

On my first trip to Vegas I went with friends and my circumstances were very different! I was on a strict budget and didn’t dine anywhere more than $20 a meal! My go to places were Taco Bell, Denny’s (can’t recommenced enough for breakfast) Panda Express (Fresh Oriental take away) or All were $10-15 a meal (absolute maximum)


Now of course this is down to the individuals but the best advice I was given and pass on is – only ever play what you can afford to lose. I played $20 a time and if I lost it we stopped! It may not seem a lot but it was what we were comfortable loosing if we lost it all. I only ever play roulette (only thing I know) and play the small bets. Hotels like Cosmo have a minimum bet of $3 and this can increase all the way through to the high roller’s private areas which have minimum bets of sometimes $10,000 +

Fremont Street (see more info in places to visit) was by far the cheapest place to gamble with roulette tables having a minimum bet of only $1 and machines 25c.

Meeting Elvis on the strip!

Places to go and things to do

Fremont street! An absolute must – it is the most fun and surreal place and is truly the epitome of what 80’s Vegas! Much cheaper to eat and drink and gamble! They also have the famous Zip line you can do and Heart Attack Grill (one of the weirdest and funniest restaurants ever)

Grand Canyon. You have many options with Grand Canyon and can save money getting a coach tour or go full out VIP and do a luxury helicopter experience. It certainly is incredible – most of the tours will also double up and take you to hoover dam on route there or back.

Zumanity – Cirque de Sol This is incredible! We bought tickets from a vender in CVS supermarket and it was totally worth every penny! It is very adult themed, but the acrobats are insane – it is performed at the theatre in the New York New York hotel and was certainly worth going to see.

New York New York Rollercoaster – SO much fun! A bit pricey at $15 for one ride and it is a little old but so much fun and certainly worth a trip (just don’t go if you are too hung over!!)

Stratosphere Rollercoaster & Skydive – I am not brave enough for either but my cousin and husband did both and said it was incredible. You can pre book before you go or it opens at 10am and you can book on once you arrive. If you love a thrill and don’t mind heights it is a must do!

Da CLUBBBB – There are so many different clubs to go to! Drae’s was amazing and we saw so many huge celebrities perform like 50 cent and Chris brown all in the same week but if you want some serious adult entertainment then head to Sapphire (strip club!). Upstairs they have their version of Magic Mike for the ladies and downstairs you have female dancers. Fab night out and you can normally get a deal as we did for $35 each including a limo ride there and two drinks on entry.

Concert – Before you go or when you are there look at who is in residency and performing! So many incredibly stars. Most famously Celine Dion dominated Vegas for years but since, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and most recently Janet Jackson all have active shows on and off throughout the year.

Get Married – Now we didn’t get married here but I totally wish I had! It is so surreal, and you can have everything from the Elvis small white chapel wedding we see in movies to a full on ceremony in one of the hotels. One tip that people tend to forget is it cannot be as last minute as you think – you do normally need to get your documents checked and to apply for a marriage licence which can take some time and people recommend you do this up to 3 months before you travel.

Shopping – Again this can be done on a budget or you can go completely crazy in the designer stores in the special designer shopping Mall where NOTHING has prices on! There is a discount outlet called Vegas North Premium Outlet where they have loads of name brand shops super cheap! Such as Converse, Nike, Ralph Lauren and more. It is like Bicester Village (UK equivalent) but much cheaper! Certainly, worth a visit if you have time (and the luggage allowance)

Fountain in reception at the Bellagio

All in all; Vegas is totally a must do and it is one of the most surreal places I have travelled to. You are guaranteed to have a good time and the beauty of Vegas is you can make it as budget or as luxury as you like because the opportunities are endless.

Good luck and let me know if you have been or have a trip coming up! Feel free to pop a comment here or message me with any further questions.

Thanks for stopping by x

The Fat Funny One x

P.S What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas – so there may be a few things I haven’t mentioned 😉


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