I’m Jess and Welcome to the mad house.

I am a mum of 3, Sophia (8), Isabella (2) and Jaycen (3 months). I am a Blogger, Content creator, Writer, Body Confidence Activist, Motivational speaker and.. (ok I will stop now) but you get the jist! After spending a large portion of my life being bullied and suffering with anxiety which then lead to a diagnosis of something called Tokophobia during the pregnancy of my first daughter, I realised I really needed to make a change and embarked on a journey of self love, battling my Mental Health, diet demons and body confidence and I have since created a life I am excited to wake up to.

I’m trying to share my journey in my own humorous way (I mean I even won an award for funniest instagram mum so that is totally legit). I hope that my blog is just an inspiring story of one girl’s journey to self love & body confidence, honest parenting and empowering others to build authentic confidence and live their best life.

I am not afraid to bear all in the hope I can show women they can love themselves at any size; stretch marks, scars, cellulite and all. So if you follow my on instagram expect to see my baps every now and then and if on youtube you can here be babbling on about something motivational or doing a shopping haul (Uploads Wednesday & Sunday)

If I am not chasing the children around, downing a coffee or getting my diet coke fix or attempting something somewhat romantic with my Husband, then I am here, online, trying to empower whoever comes across my page or doing it in person on stage.

I think that is all for now, otherwise I will say it all here and there will be nothing left to read!

I hope you like what you read and there is something here for you or on one of my other social channels

Thanks for stopping by

The Fat Funny One x


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